Chapter 6 Spy and Her Knight


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M e y | 6: Spy Movie

Honestly, I had no idea how on earth those spies in movies gained information without looking like a creep.

"Where do you go to school?" I changed the subject, figured that if I kept asking about Tyler, I'd blow my cover.

He smiled, the same smile that made him look like a good guy but I knew deep down that he wasn't. "North High."

I knew nothing about North High, so I asked the most common thing I could possibly think of, "Did you join any extracurricular activities, any clubs?"

"Yeah, I joined Mathletes, football, tennis, and hockey."

That was a surprise. I wouldn't expect someone like him joining Mathletes. Yet again, what did I know about him? Nothing.

Well, what do you want to know about him, Mey? He's here, you're here, you can just ask him. Again, that voice inside my head tempting me to get violent.

Shut up! I didn't need you to mess with my thoughts any further! It was hard enough for me to resist his charm without you getting on my nerves!

It's not my fault if you find him interesting. It's about time anyway, girl! First kiss, first boyfriend, every sign pointing at him. What are you waiting for?

Waiting for you to shut up! I finally managed to silence the voice. If this voice kept bugging me, I would start to consider checking myself in a psych ward. "That's amazing, " I quickly answered, seeing Hunter was waiting for me to say something.

He shrugged it off, not in a bossy, arrogant way but more like he genuinely thought it wasn't a big deal. "How about you?" He leaned in forward, seemed to be interested in my answers rather than talking about him.

I had to admit, he was the first football jock that didn't take a chance to boast himself right away. "I joined writing club, Science club, and student council." I was fidgeting my fingers under the table. There was something the way he looked at me that made it harder to breathe, made me feel uneasy. "I'm afraid I'm not good with sports." I chuckled nervously.

"I could teach you, " his smile seemed genuine as if he really meant what he said. "Which one you'd like to try? Football, tennis, or hockey?" One corner of his mouth turned upward, forming a half-smile that softened his rough features.

It was rude to decline right away, but I knew the answer would still the same. "N

sounded so vulnerable and scared. "Do you think he'll hurt me and my friends?"

I dropped the book on the table and caught her hands, wrapped them with my own. Suddenly she looked smaller than usual. I leaned down as I locked my eyes with hers and said, "No one will hurt you." Her bottom lip trembled and I had the urge to punch anyone who scared her. "Hey, trust me. I won't let anyone hurt you, okay? I swear it."

I told myself that I'd talk to Tyler later. I'd ask about the plan and make sure there was nothing that could harm Mey. Friendship was everything but I'd risk it if it meant that she'd be safe from harm.

M e y | 6: Acting

It was painful to watch him ready to take on anything to ensure my safety. I hated to lie but I hated acting even more. Pretending to look weak in order to gain sympathy was no better than lying, maybe even worse. But I had no other choice, I'd do anything to keep my friends safe. Even if it required me to harden my heart and put others' needs above mine.

"Thank you, " I said with a smile.

He gave me a genuine smile. There was confidence shown in his eyes that telling me he'd take his promise seriously. "Anything for you, Mey." He let my hands go and took our cups as he stood. "I'm going to get us another round. Yours is chamomile with two blocks of sugar and a splash of honey, right?"

He remembered. I forced myself to smile and nodded. "Thanks." As I watched him walk away to the counter, I let out a deep sigh and muttered to myself, "This is going to be harder than I thought."

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