Chapter 3 Doubt


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It is our choices, Harry, that shows what we truly are, far more than our abilities. -- Albus Dumbledore

M e y | 3: Boyfriend(s)

"Mey, " I heard my mom calling me from downstairs. I put the book down on my lap. I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, rereading the first time Hagrid came to pick up Harry. I wasn't sure if I was imagining things or my mom was really calling me. "MEY WANG, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO CALL YOU?"

I gulped and practically jumped off my bed and ran downstairs to save my dear life. I found her sitting on the couch by the window and went to sit next to her.

She turned and smiled, which surprised me considering I was expecting a lecture. "Mey, " she took both of my hands and gave them a little squeeze. "Your dad and I have been talking." I honestly didn't like the sound of that but being an obedient child, I nodded for her to continue. "You've grown up and you know what's right and wrong. We think it's time for us to let you make your own choices."

I was confused, so I asked, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

"I think it's time for you to have a boy friend."

I frowned. There was no way she said what I think she just said, I must've misheard her. "What?"

She gave my hands another squeeze. "We allow you to have boy friends."

Now I knew my mind was just messing with me. First, it was singular and now it was plural. Five years ago, my parents told me that boys had cooties and I'd get pregnant if I made a contact with them. So there was no way, they were letting me have a boyfriend let alone boyfriends. Plurals.

I internally groaned and blamed too much studying for my temporary brain malfunction. At least I hoped it was temporary. "Mom, I'm not sure with what you just said. I'm having a slight headache, I'm going to go upstairs and take a nap for a bit."

"Okay, " she nodded and smiled. "Just make sure you'll introduce your boy friends to me and your dad. We're older than you, we can tell if he's a good boy or not."

I nodded for the sake of nodding and ran upstairs. I laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling while thinking about what my mom just said, or what I thought my mom just said. Boyfriend, huh? After avoiding boys for seventeen years, I doubted there would be anyone in school who'd want to have me as his girlfriend.

What about someone who's not from your school? Someone who looks so hot in a plain sleeveless shirt and faded jeans?

I shook my thoughts away. There's nothing between Hunter and me, I told myself.

My annoying inner thought replied, who said anything about Hunter?

I internally groaned. Before I was getting into a fight with my inner thought, my phone buzzed, distracting me altogether.

It was a notification from our group chat, A Gaggle of Giggle.

1DNarry4ever (Jess): sleepover tonight? My parents out of town to visit my brother at Stanford.

It was actually a good idea, except that I'd have a Biology test tomorrow so I typed my reply.

AsianPotterhead (Mey): I haven't studied Bio for quiz tomorrow

CupBTargaryen (Norma): let's go! I'm saying YES to this idea! I got lots to tell y'all about

1DNarry4ever: must be about Zion. Oh, come on, Mey! I haven't studied too maybe we could study together ?

I sighed. I really wanted to but I haven't studied for tomorrow yet.

AsianPotterhead: I don't think that's a good idea, Jess. The last time we did that we both ended up doing each other's nail and forgot about the study.

1DNarry4ever: At least we got our nails done. Autumn, stop lurking and help me persuade Mey!

17YearsOfSummers (Autumn): ???? Whoops, busted!

I'm in for the sleepover. I got two quizzes tomorrow and I only have half of your brain, Mey, so you should totally come! Or I'll drag you ??

CupBTargaryen: nice one, sis

I finally gave in. Maybe I should just take a day off and relax. After the weird conversation with my mom, I felt like this might be a good excuse to escape another weird conversation over dinner later.

AsianPotterhead: Ugh, fine, I'm coming. But I'm seriously gonna bring my book with me.

1DNarry4ever: bring along. The more the merrier.

I sat up on my bed and grabbed the Harry Potter book

I sat up on my bed and grabbed the Harry Potter book. I stood on my bed and put the book on the shelves placed right behind the bed. The one thing I loved about my bedroom was that it was actually my private library too. There was a ladder in the corner for me to reach higher shelves. Since Harry Potter series we're my favorite books, I put them on the lower shelf for easier access because I tended to reread them over and over.

I prepared some clothes for the sleepover and went downstairs to let my mom know.

M e y | 3: A Pen and A Napkin

I pressed the doorbell and waited. Jess swung the door opened. I frowned. She was wearing her coat with car keys in one hand. Behind her, Norma was putting on her coat. They both looked like they were about to go somewhere.

"Wait, aren't we having a sleepover?" I asked.

Jess nodded. "Yeah, but we gotta go find Autumn now." She took my hand and led us to her car which parked in the driveway.

I was still confused but I followed them and got into the car. "What happened, Jess?"

"Autumn's in danger, " was all she said as she started the car and drove.

Norma filled me in during the drive, saying that someone was trying to kill Autumn by cutting the car's brake line. It didn't take a genius to guess who was behind this incident.

The drive didn't take long since Jess and Autumn lived not so far away from each other. We went to the top floor of the apartment building and knocked on her door.

The door swung open, revealing Autumn, still wearing the same clothes she wore to school this morning. Her messy hair was a sign of her distress.

Jess went ahead and hugged her. "Oh my God, are you okay?" She pulled away to look her in the eye.

Autumn answered with a nod. "Yeah, I'm fine, I guess."

"Have you eaten?" asked Jess, looking like a worried mother. Autumn shook her head. "We should go and eat. Let's go to Valentino."

So we walked our way to Valentino, an Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. Jess insisted that the fresh air was good for our health, even though we all knew that it wasn't the reason we walked. After the recent accident, she knew Autumn would not want to go by anything with wheels.

We took the table by the window and ordered our food. The good thing about Valentino wasn't just their delicious food but they also had good service. Our foods arrived a few minutes late.

Norma shook her head. "This person is dangerous!"

"Total psycho!" added Jess while stabbing her meatball in anger.

I fished out a pen from my bag and took a napkin. "I think we should list them down. So who do we have?"

"Ellie and her sidekick." Jess took the liberty of naming our first picks then plopped the meatball she has been stabbing the entire time into her mouth.

Norma stopped stirring her mushroom soup and added, "I think Mr. Huntington might be one too."

"A teacher?" she asked in disbelief. "Why would a teacher pull pranks on us? Aren't they like the police at school or something?" To be honest, I had to agree with her. A teacher wouldn't risk their career just to prank his students, especially someone with higher status like vice principal Huntington. I believed he had a reputation to uphold.

"Just a thought. Since he doesn't seem to like us."

Norma shrugged one shoulder.

Jess rolled her eyes. "It's just mutual feelings, duh. Nobody likes him." She laughed several jabs to a meatball on her plate. "God, I really hate this! I wish whoever did all those things would just stop."

"Tell me about it." Autumn rolled her eyes and took a spoonful of macaroni and cheese. She took another spoonful before she took the napkin and read, "Okay, so we got Ellie, Rosie, Mr. Huntington, why there's no Blake? He drugged me that one time."

"Oh, right, " I took the napkin back and wrote it down. Who else? I tapped my pen multiple times on the table, a bad habit whenever I was trying to figure things out. One person popped into my head. I looked at the others. "How about Joe?"

Autumn shook her head. "No, he got slashed tires, remember?"

We went quiet for several heartbeats, busy with our own thoughts. Norma shifted in her seat and took Autumn's hand, saying, "Autumn, we have never really seen those slashed tires. What a better way to be a genius villain than to mask yourself as a victim?"

Jess furrowed her brows. "I think she's right. Wolf in a sheep coat."

Autumn looked like she wanted to say something against it but in the end, she kept her mouth shut so I took the pen and wrote Mr. Rodriguez on the napkin.

H u n t e r | 3: Page 223

I was reading the second Harry Potter book while leaning against the wall in the alley with Ty on my side. I knew Mey asked me to read the Goblet of Fire to figure out the three unforgivable curses, but after picking the book randomly, I felt that I owed it to the author to read it from the first book. So I picked up Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone from the library yesterday, finished the book in seven hours, and returned it this morning. As I returned the first one, I borrowed the second one: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, the book I was reading right now.

"I don't care what sort of blood you've got!" said Harry fiercely. "Why would I want to attack Muggle-borns?" [ Excerpt From

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

J.K.Rowling ]

I was about to bring the book closer to my face when it was suddenly gone. I looked up to see Ty holding the book with a playful smile on his face.

"Man, give it back! I'm not finished!" I crossed my arms and looked at him, completely annoyed.

He ignored me and turned the cover. His eyes widened in surprise. "Well, this is a secret, alright. I didn't know you're a Harry Potter fan."

I took a few steps and took the book from him. "You know nothing about me." I quickly opened the book and flipped through the pages, trying to find the page I was reading.

"I know you for a year now. I think I know one or two things about you. One of it is that you don't read, especially a book." He picked up a bottle of beer from the ground and took a long sip.

I went back to my reading and ignored him completely. A few minutes passed and I was on page 223 when Ty slung one arm over my shoulders and said, "Come on, dude."

I glanced up and frowned. When he asked me to come here, he said that he needed to see Lucas and yet we haven't seen him. "What? Where's Lucas? I thought were waiting for him."

"He just came out a while ago. Come on, we need to be somewhere else." We walked to my Jeep, which was parked right next to Lucas' baby.

"Where are we going?" I put the book on the dashboard after marking the page and started the engine.

Ty grimaced. "We're about to kick an ass' ass. I need your help though."

I smirked. "Someone I know? I know lots of asses for being one." I wasn't a fan of violence but if someone was messing with my friends, I considered that they were messing with me and I wouldn't mind throwing a few punches and get my hands dirty.

"Nah, " he shook his head, "you don't know him, but you're gonna like him cos you used to bang his big sister."

I frowned. His sister? I let out a deep chuckle and shook my head in disbelief once I figured out who he meant. "No way! We're going after Nat Ryan's little brother, aren't we?"

M e y | 3: Wolf in Sheep Coat

I saw him. I saw Hunter Jones. We were walking home. Autumn and Jess were walking in the front while Norma and I walked a few feet behind them. I heard a familiar voice as I walked past an alley, I stopped and turned to see Tyler Vincent was having a deep conversation with someone. I couldn't see clearly who since his back was on me. I slid my gaze to a figure who was leaning against the wall and immediately recognized him.

"Mey, what's wrong?" asked Norma who was standing beside me and noticed that I've stopped walking.

"Isn't that Tyler Vincent?" I nudged my head towards the two guys, knowing if I pointed my finger directly at them, they'd notice.

Norma narrowed her eyes to help her see clearly. "Yeah. I think so. And I think that's the car Tyler was using to drive Autumn to school this morning."

I froze. "Do you think he was the one behind the accident? Do you think he faked it?" Autumn didn't understand cars, it was possible that Tyler was just acting as if the brake line was cut while in fact, there was nothing wrong with the car.

Norma shrugged. "I really don't know, Mey."

I let out a deep sigh. "But I hope he's not the bad guy. I think Autumn is falling in love with him."

"We don't know for sure, " Norma paused and watched the guys carefully. "Maybe we shouldn't tell her about this unless we're sure."

We heard footsteps and in seconds Jess and Autumn were standing beside us. "Hey, why did you guys stop?" asked Jess.

I was about to open my mouth when Norma suddenly nudged me, reminding me that I couldn't tell them until we had proof.

"Girls, what is it?" Autumn crossed her arms and tilted her head to one side. "Spill the beans. Come on, let it out."

Norma scoffed. "No biggie. Mey thought she saw her new boyfie just now." She pointed her head to the dimmed alley.

"Hunter Jones is not my boyfriend!" I shot her daggers.

"Hunter?" Autumn lifted her brows, looking curious and clueless at the same time. "Who's Hunter?"

Jess nudged me while shaking her head. "Damn, Mey! I didn't know you have a boyfriend and he's a Hunter."

"Hunter is not my boyfriend! He's just some guy I met." I cleared my throat and told myself not to blush.

"Anyway, " Norma looked at Autumn for a brief second then slid her gaze to Jess, "where are we going next? Are we gonna crash at Autumn's place?"

"Jess said we should try this Poirot's Café." Autumn winked and faked a cough. "Colton's working there." Another fake cough followed.

"We don't know that yet." Jess rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone.

I looked back at the alley but the black Jeep was gone. "Hey, Mey, what's wrong?" asked Autumn, causing me to jump.

"Oh, nothing. I just thought I saw something, " I answered curtly.

"Saw what?" She took a few steps closer and scanned the alley. I crossed my fingers, hoping she wouldn't see Ty's car. Her phone blipped and took her attention away.

"Guess who's working tonight?" said Jess, playing her phone and wiggling her brows. She took Autumn by her arm and led us into the cafe by the alley.

I glanced at the alley one more time and nodded to myself as I made up my mind. I hated to keep things from my friends but I had to do whatever it took to protect them. Even if that required me to play nice and squeeze the information out of the charming, dangerously good-looking Hunter Jones.

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