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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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Updated: 2018-03-02 17:14

Rachel's P.O.V

Dear Michael, Oh my god, Quinn started on me again! She came back from suspension today and instead of leaving me alone like I thought she would do, she lost it at me because her parents had told her off for getting involved in the first place. Well, if she didn't bring up you, I wouldn't have punched her in the nose and she wouldn't have gotten her parents angry and ending up paying the medical bills.

Not my fault.

She had said that her dad had took away her credit card and her mom had grounded her from going outside because they had to pay a thousand dollars for the bill which is total bullshit. Unless she got a nose job, the bill w

gized for being a bitch. And he accepted it.

I know he didn't do this to you, he wouldn't even hurt a fly! I just wish you were here today to see how your best friend is coping.

He needs you.

I need you.

We both need you.

- Rachel


A/N - For you all who don't remember who Quinn is, she is the girl from chapter seven :) Did you guys like the chapter?

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