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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Rachel's P.O.V

Dear Michael, I enjoyed seeing you today. As promised, I did bring along my laptop. We watched That's My Boy, your favorite. It felt a little depressing though when I could only hear my laughs bouncing off the walls in your hospital room. I wish I could hear your laugh again... I miss it.

I called your foster mom again and asked about your sister. According to your foster mom, Michelle is doing fine but I don't believe it for a second. I am trying to get in contact with Michelle but it is a little hard to get her a phone since your foster mom is such a bitch. I am going to pick up Michelle tomorrow and take her with me to see you again. I think she needs it.

I am trying

to keep strong, Michael. You don't know how hard it is to just keep calm and breathe. All I want to do is cry but I can't. All I want to do is just do something that can... I don't know, help me. I know you hate seeing me cry but when I see you in that hospital bed, looking... dead, it's hard for me to stay calm.

I remember when you told me that the key to staying strong is to think about something you love. In this case, you are what keeps me strong but the fact that I can see you smile or laugh, it is breaking me. I don't know what to do, Michael.

I just need you to help me.

- Rachel


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