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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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[ thank you noctuaries for the beautiful cover, this chapter is dedicated to you ]

Rachel's P.O.V

Dear Michael, My parents haven't stopped asking me if I am okay. Of course I'm not but they just don't take 'yeah' for an answer. I mean, I know they are my parents but I would like it if they left me alone for a couple of minutes to just think.

I rang the hospital today - since I had practice and couldn't see you - and asked how you were doing. They told me that you were improving slightly but they still need to check up on you. The ultrasound results haven't came back yet which is probably the reason why they have to keep checking up on you.

I hope you're okay. I really want to see you but I guess I have to wait till the weekend since my parents want to go to dinner tomorrow.

I also asked your foster mom i

f Michelle wanted to come over for the night but she said no, saying that Michelle had chores to do. I really don't like your foster mom. Michelle can't do chores in the state she is in. She can barely talk to me about school!

I tried calling Kevin to ask him if he has made a statement for the police since they haven't found the person who shot you but he hasn't been picking up his phone. It has been ringing but it is like he is ignoring me.

I really hope you are doing okay, right now. I can't wait to see you. I'm going to bring my laptop and we are going to watch a movie since we always watch movies on Saturday nights.

I love you, Michael.

- Rachel


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