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   Chapter 53 NO.53

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Meghan's P.O.V

"Can you hear anything?" I ask Jake as he presses his ear to the door. When he shakes his head, I nod, pushing the door open slowly. I peep my head in, looking around to see no one in the lobby.

Wow, they planned this well.

I reach my arm out, grabbing Jake's hand as he follows behind me as we enter the old hotel building. Suddenly, as I look around, a memory flashes through my mind.

"Meghan, everything is going to be fine." Drake says as he pulls me through the lobby towards the desk where a blonde lady is standing, her eyes watching the three of us.

"Hello, I would just like to get a room..." Drake's voice trails off from my hearing as I take in a couple who is currently walking down the stairs. The lady, who looks around twenty, has her arm slouched around a much older man's shoulders. From the way that the lady is looking, she seems a little wasted, but the guy looks completely sober, which makes something burn inside of my body.

From what had just happened two weeks ago, I've been looking at every man who is with a lady, watching them and seeing the differences on both of their faces; their actions. I'm cautious now, but I wasn't before, which makes me hate myself even more.

Suddenly, Drake tugs at my hand, making me snap out of my thoughts. I look away from the two people for only a second as Drake and Evie begin to walk towards the stairs, Drake's hand still grabbing at my arm.

As we walk past the two people, I glance back at the man and when he sees me looking, the smallest grin appears on his face, which makes my eyes widen a little in shock.

The girl has obviously passed out, and the guy is sober. The girl is weak, and the guy thinks he has the power.

No. Not again... I think to myself as I shake my head slightly.

"Meghan, " Jake whispers suddenly, immediately grabbing my body and pulling me around the desk where a receptionist would be. We duck down behind the desk, and I look over at Jake, confused.


Jake points up, trying to tell me something without actually saying it, but I don't understand. Jake sighs quietly before leaning closer to me, his arms still around my waist as I lean into him while he leans into the desk.

"A guy is near the stairs." Jake whispers quietly, his words barely making it register in my mind that it was that quiet. When I realise what he had just said, my hand reaches down to grab my gun from the back of my jeans. I remembered to put the silencer on the gun just before we had arrived here so I'm glad that I didn't forget otherwise I would have people coming at me from left and right.

But the thing is, I've never shot someone. I mean, I have shot at someone, but missed, so I guess that doesn't count. But if I do end up shooting the guy that Jake says is near the stairs, then that will be my first.

Yep, I'm not as bad as you all think I am.

When Jake sees what I'm reaching for, his eyes widen. "No." He whispers quietly once again, his hand holding mine. "No shooting."

"What am I suppose to do?" I argue quietly, furrowing my eyebrows. I feel Jake grab my hand and I look behind me to see Jake kiss my hand gently. I sigh, knowing how he wants me to play it.

I move away from Jake and look over the desk, looking at the guy who seems to be two people in one that he is that big. Suddenly, my eyes widen as I see him hold a revolver in his pocket, and I know that if he sees me, he will sure as hell use it.

But before I can even make a move, a gunshot goes off.

I immediately look at Jake, my eyes widen as I look at the gun in his hand. It's pointing at someone at the top of the stairs, and when I see that he had just shot someone that was about to shoot me, my heart begins to race.

One: because Jake just told me not to use a gun and two: because the guy who is at the stairs is currently holding a gun to both of us.


I grab the gun out of Jake's hand and immediately point it at the guy. "Go on." I say, my finger pushing on the trigger. The guy goes to pull the trigger, but another gunshot goes off and it wasn't me or Jake.

We both look at the top of the stairs, where Jake had shot the other guy, and notice William and Chris. I throw them a grin.

"Such a badass." I say and William shrugs.

"I was born for this life." William says and Chris and I roll our eyes. I point my thumb over to Jake and smirk.

"So was Jake because he just shot the guy beside you." I say, watching as the two look down at the ground before looking back at us. William smirks while Chris' mouth drops open.

"You got him in the forehead." William says and Jake pulls a disgusted face, not wanting to know where he had shot the guy. I shake my head and grab Jake's hand.

"Thank you." I say to Jake, referring to what happened before. Jake smiles and kisses me on the forehead.

"No problem."


The four of us continue to walk down the hallway, looking at the one flight of stairs that lead up to a door. Is it over? Wow, I'm disappointed.

As we walk up the stairs, a memory comes into my mind, making me bite down on my lip.

Drake just has to keep going off at me. He has no idea what I'm going through and what I've gone through recently. I mean, yeah, I'm grateful that he is helping but he doesn't have to yell at me all of the damn time!

I sigh, looking up at the flight of stairs in front of me. After two hours of roaming the hotel, I've never been up here before. I lick my lips, eager to find out what is on the other side of the door.

I quickly run up the stairs and push the door open, the breeze hitting me in the face almost instantly. I smile, loving the feeling of finally being about the breathe.

It's just me, myself,

do. She was my childhood best friend. My only friend back in the orphanage. We were both like each other: weak and a target. And now, as I look at her, she still looks like she is a target.

"Meghan, " Mary starts, placing the gun in her pocket. "I was the one who set the hotel room on fire." She confesses and my eyebrows furrow together.

"Why?" I ask and I watch as Mary looks over at the guys behind her. She looks worried... like she wants to say something that the guys behind her won't approve of.

"They put me up to it. Ever since you left the orphanage, Meghan, I was by myself. No one wanted me. I was still getting picked on and nothing was getting better. That's when Dean came along and took me in, just like how Evie and Drake did for you. But... I wasn't treated the same like you were--"

"Grab her!" A guy shouts but Mary doesn't stop, the tears beginning to fall down her face.

"I'm a sex slave to them!" Mary shouts as one guy comes and grabs Mary, covering her mouth. I freeze in my stop, watching as the guy grabs the gun out of Mary's pocket. But before they can do anything, Evie stops them.

"Don't shoot her." Evie says and the guy looks over at Evie. Suddenly, Evie throws me a grin as she grabs a gun out of her pocket and throws it over to me. "Let her do it."

"No!" Mary screams as the guy holds her down on the ground. Evie walks over to me and stands by my side as I watch Mary struggle.

"They put me up to it."

"Think about it, Meghan. She nearly killed you and your unborn child--"

"I'm a sex slave to them!"

"Meghan, please!"

"She deserves to be killed for what she did."

"I was still getting picked on and nothing was getting better."

"Don't do it, Meghan!"

I gulp, looking down at the gun in my hand. I glance over at Evie, watching as she sends me a small smirk. Looking back down at Mary, the tears continue to fall down her face as she begs for me to not do it.

I lick my lips, pointing the gun at Mary. I close my eyes and breathe in a deep breath, trying not to cry.

"I was the one who set the hotel room on fire."

All of a sudden, I shake my head. "I'm not going to do it--"

"Put the gun down!" A person shouts and we all look to see the police standing near the door that we had walked through before. I immediately drop the gun, my hands shaking.

I feel arms grab my hand and put them behind my back, handcuffs followed as the officer puts it on my wrist. As I turn around, I look at Jake who is shocked, his eyes staring into mine with worry.

That's when I remember the tape recorder.

"Hey, can I just say a word to my boyfriend over there?" I ask the officer and he nods, but he doesn't let go of me. We walk over to Jake and he brings me into a hug, which is when the officer let's me go.

"You're not going to jail, Meghan. I'll make sure." Jake says and I shake my head.

"Don't worry about that. Jake, in my bag that is in my car, there's a tape recorder. Listen to it with your mom. She'll want to hear it." I say and Jake furrows his eyebrows.

"What's on it?"

"Everything that you'll need to know about Jamie." I say, kissing his lips. "Look after Charlie for me." I say and the officer sighs.


"I love you, Jakie." I say, a single tear falling from my eye.

Jake brings me into one last hug before muttering, "I love you too."

The officer suddenly pulls me away from Jake and at that moment, I feel my heart break into two.

I guess I finally got what I deserved.


A/N - It's finally the end! What do you guys think? Yes, I'll be doing an epilogue for those of you who are dying to know. Well, please leave a comment on what you thought of the last chapter and how it was all planned out. And also...

What was your favourite plot twist in the book?


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