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Meghan's P.O.V

Suddenly, after the two minutes had passed, the fire alarm went off as planned. Jake and I run over to Drake through the crowd who are eager to get out, thinking that there actually is a fire. The loud music is still playing, the DJ obviously too shit scared to stop the song.

Lila was gone by the time Jake and I reached Drake. "Drake, the address." I say, holding my hand out to him, acting as if I was actually wanting to save the bitch named Evie. Drake fumbles into his pocket, the drunken, frustrated smile on his face. When he hands me the paper, I go to pull him out of the seat, only for Drake to push himself away from me.

"What are you doing?" I snap, narrowing my eyes at Drake. "We have to go and get Evie!" I shout over the music, watching as the people are still trying to get out of the club. Drake's eyes meet mine, the green so bright that I might've actually thought that we looked alike.

"You go... but before you do..." Drake crouches down and digs into the bag that I didn't even know he had with him. Then, he pulls out a gun, pushing it towards my stomach. "Take this. You'll need it." Drake says breathlessly, making me roll my eyes mentally.

How much did this guy drink?

"Okay, " I say, not really putting any thought into the fact that Drake just gave me a gun. It's like he knows what is going to happen. Before I leave Drake, he sends me the smallest grin before waving, and just thinking that it's the alcohol, I return the grin.

He has no idea how this is going to end.

Running outside and into the alleyway beside the club, I see everyone. The twins, Lila, Johnny, Emma and Danny. I nod towards everyone, sending them the smallest smiles. "Thank you, everyone." I say, grabbing the address out of my pocket. "Because, we now know where to get that little bitch." I say, watching as Chris and William grin.

Time to do this.


Driving to the address with my hand in Jake's, I feel my heart begin to race. I don't know why I'm starting to feel the pressure but something tells me that I shouldn't have got involved. Like I'm the one who is going to end up dead or something.

Nope, don't think that way... I think to myself as I breathe out a sigh. I'm doing this for Charlie and no one else. I just need to keep my head on Charlie and I'll be fine.

"You okay?" Jake asks, looking over at me. With my hand resting on the wheel, I glance over at him and nod slowly.

et anyone hurt him.

Turning back to the group, I clap my hands together. "There are two emergency exits on the sides of the building. William and Chris, you two are going to the left side. Lila and Johnny, you can go to the right side. There are only a few flights of stairs so don't groan, " I say, narrowing my eyes at the twins.

"Now, on the second flight of stairs, there is a door where the cleaners keep their equipment. If you need to, use that room as a time to gather up a plan. Be quiet and don't be arguing about who goes first or who shoots first, okay?" I ask, looking at the twins again. William and Chris roll their eyes but nod, which makes me nod also.

When they begin to run off, I look at Emma and Danny. "You two have a choice. Do you want to stay together or split up?" I ask, watching as Emma immediately looks over at Danny. Suddenly, Danny grabs Emma's hand, making Jake and I grin.

"I'm going to ask about you two when this is over. But anyway, you two are going to switch the lights off from the electricity boxes when I give the signal. The signal will probably be a message through both of your phones so I suggest you don't have sex on the side of the building if you want to hear your phones go off." I say, earning Emma to blush and Danny choke on his saliva.

Smiling, I give the two a quick hug. "Watch your backs, okay?" I say and Emma and Danny nod. As the four of us begin to walk closer to the building, I grab onto Jake's hand while Emma grabs onto Danny's.

Hopefully this goes as planned.


A/N - Go on and guess how the ending is going to be...


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