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   Chapter 42 NO.42

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Jake's P.O.V

Out of all things, Drake sends Meghan drugs. Drugs! Oh my god, he will get a piece of my mind - actually, he will get everything he deserves! He doesn't even know how angry I am! I am so going to punch-

"Stop here, " Meghan says and I pull the car to a stop. I look to my right and notice that we have stopped in front of a warehouse.

Gritting my teeth, I get out of the car and slam the door shut. Meghan gets out, an amused smile on her face. "Oh I'm so going to enjoy this."

I ignore her comment and walk up to the door that leads into the warehouse. I raise my fist up to the door and bang on it, clenching my jaw.

"Drake! Open this door!" I shout loudly, not even caring if people around can hear me. I am that angry that I honestly could not even care if I had the police - okay... maybe I would care but that is not the point I am trying to show here.

The door swings open after a few seconds and I look at Drake who is grinning at me. "Goody-two-shoes, what may I--" I cut Drake off by pushing him into the warehouse, my hand grabbing at his collar.

At one in the morning, who wears a leather jacket and jeans? Oh of course... this guy's does. He has to be 'bad' twenty-four-freaking-seven.

I push him up against the nearest door and narrow my eyes at him. "Give me a good explanation why I shouldn't hit you in the face right now." I growl, earning a confused look from Drake.

"What are you talk--"

"The drugs! You gave Meghan those freaking drugs!" I snap, my hand gripping tighter at his collar. Drake let's out a laugh.

"She's needy. What can I say?" Drake comments, making my eyes widen. Before I can smack my fist into his face, I hear Meghan speak.

"Hold up. I didn't ask for the weed, dumbass. You just gave it to me."

"Well how else would you listen to me? I need you to help me with Evie--"

"I don't give a fuck about her!" Meghan shouts, making my grip loosen. I hate to hear Meghan speak like that -- she sounds so angry. I don't like it when Meghan is angry.

"Without her, you wouldn't be here right now." Drake says, pushing me away from him. I hit the wall and watch as Meghan's eyes widen at his words. Drake crosses his arms o

mutter, looking into Jamie's eyes. "Are you on the drugs now? Is this why your so happy?"

Jamie shakes her head quickly, tears forming in her eyes. "I promised you I would stay off the drugs--"

"You promised me a lot of things but why is it that when I always want to believe you, you break them?" I ask, my hands beginning to shake. Jamie narrows her eyes at me.

"At least I tried, right?"

"Well you don't try hard enough!" I shout and thats when Jamie stands up, beginning to walk towards the door. Before she leaves, she looks over at me, the first tear falling.

"I'm going to go to my boyfriends place and have sex with him... just to piss you off." And with that, Jamie walks out of my room, slamming the door behind her.

"You did all of those things to Jamie... you hurt her badly!" I shout, tears forming in my eyes. "And here you are still breathing!" As I go to punch Drake again, he grabs my fist, twisting it and pushing me against the wall behind me.

Before Drake can go to hit me, Meghan points the gun at Drake, stopping him. "Even try to touch him and I'll put a bullet through your scull." Meghan snaps, holding the gun directly towards Drake's head.

Drake looks over at Meghan, a small smirk on his lips.

"Go and show me how bad you can be, Meghan."

Just as those words leave Drake's mouth, I hear a gunshot go off.

And it wasn't Meghan.


A/N - What the fuck! Oh my god, what just happened!


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