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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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Meghan's P.O.V


It's finally the weekend!

Pulling the blankets away from my body, I swing my legs off of my bed and begin to walk towards the door. I don't know if anyone is awake but I'm hoping that Jake and Hannah are still asleep.

Especially Jake.

I walk down the stairs, rubbing my eyes tiredly. I hear the television running and I glance over to see no one occupying the couch. Furrowing my eyebrows in confusion, I walk over to the couch, expecting to see Hannah or Jake on the couch.

But I don't.

"What the hell?" I mutter, grabbing the remote off of the couch and turning the television off. Suddenly, an envelope is slid from under the door, scaring the shit out of me. My heart races as I walk over to the door, picking up the envelope. My eyes scan the front of it, looking at the name written in cursive writing.


Since when do I get mail?

Instantly, I open the front door and walk out, hoping to see who slid the envelope under the door. To my luck, I see no one. I am only greeted by the cold breeze hitting my legs, which makes me sigh in annoyance.

Closing the door, I look back at the envelope. I can feel something inside it but I know it's not paper. Without hesitation, I rip the envelope open and my eyes fall on the items inside off the envelope.

All of a sudden, my eyes widen and I lick my lips.


"You're up early." I hear a voice say, immediately bringing me out of my thoughts. I quickly close the envelope and hold it in my hands tightly, spinning around.

"Hannah..." I breathe out, feeling my heart pound against my rib cage. Hannah rubs her eyes and walks down the stairs towards the kitchen door. Before she enters though, she looks at the envelope in my hands.

"Whats that?" Hannah asks and my own eyes look down at the envelope.

Looking back up at Hannah, I reply with, "A few photos of Charlie." I lie, not even knowing if she knows about Charlie. When she nods, I know she does and without any further questions, she walks into the kitchen, allowing me to finally breathe.

I've got to hide this, I tell myself but before I can begin to make my way towards the stairs, a memory flashes through my mind, stopping me.

"Meghan, " Jake calls as I am about to drink from the water bottle. I loo

ab the box and place it on the floor. When Jake frowns at me, I motion for him to come over. He takes a seat in front of the box and I slowly lift the lid up to reveal the envelope.

"I received it this morning." I explain, taking the envelope into my hands. I breathe out a sigh, opening it up to show Jake. When I turn it to him and he sees it, his eyes widen, not in shock but... anger?

"Who gave you this?" Jake asks, snatching it out of my hands. Before I can reply, he looks up at me. "Did you have some?" This time, his expression softens as if he is hoping that I didn't.

"No I didn't have some." I say, shaking my head. I can understand why Jake is angry. He hates drugs. He hates me using the drugs.

"Who gave it to you?" Jake repeats and I shrug.

"I have no idea." I say and Jake sighs deeply. He looks at the envelope once more before shaking his head again.

Suddenly, my phone vibrates and I stanr up, grabbing it off of the bed. Jake narrows his eyes at me and stands up also, walking over to where I am and looking down at my phone.

Drake: No need to thank me, baby girl. The offer is still available.

All of a sudden, when I look over at Jake, the glint in his eyes is so clear. The way his fists are clenched by his side and how his jaw is clenched...

He is so fucking pissed.

I grin slightly. "Want me to get the keys?"


A/N - OH MY GOD!! WHAT IS JAKE GOING TO DO! The good boy is going to take on the bad boy? JAKE NO! What do you think of this chapter?


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