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   Chapter 36 NO.36

The Bad Girl By XmysterysmileX Characters: 6395

Updated: 2018-03-02 15:51

Jake's P.O.V

"I... ugh, yes I like you."

I drop Meghan's hand, my eyes wide in shock. Meghan furrows her eyebrows together and when she sees me taking a few steps back, she quickly grabs my hand.

"Please... don't go." Meghan begs, a small frown making its way onto her face. I look into Meghan's green eyes and bite my lip.

Ever since those words, 'Do you like me' escaped my lips, I mentally started to prepare myself for the worst. I knew I was going to get rejected so I immediately began to put my walls up, blocking myself from getting hurt. I mean, I would get hurt but not as much if I had my walls up.

I expected her to say no.

But she said yes!

Great job, Jake. Now your going to run just because the girl you like just told you that she liked you... my brain says and I gulp, my eyes looking down at her bare legs. I immediately shake my head slightly, not wanting to distract myself.

But her legs are so fine, my brain says but I ignore it, looking back into Meghan's eyes. "Uh... but -- I shouldn't--" Meghan cuts me off by pressing her lips against mine, immediately shutting me up.

With Meghan's hand still in mine, she pushes it back, making me walk back and hit the wall behind me. Meghan's other hand touches the waistband of my sweatpants and ever so slowly, she trails her hand up my shirt, making me go lightheaded by her touch.

When I feel myself beginning to lose it by the touch of her hand, I grab at her waist with my free hand, taking her by surprise. Meghan gasps against my lips and pulls away, looking up at me with her bright green eyes.

"Tell me you don't like me, " Meghan whispers, her hand that is under my shirt slowly going back down to rest on the waistband of my sweatpants.

But I do like you...

"I... I--" Instead of letting the words slip from my tongue as I had planned, I crash my lips back on hers, hoping that she gets the message. Meg

oes silent, I begin to bite my lip.

Should I bring up her and Courtney? I mean, I still don't know why Meghan was holding her by the throat...

What about Courtney? Aren't you going to ask yourself about her whereabouts? She doesn't even go to your school... my brain comments and I lick my lips in realisation.

"Uh, Meghan?" I ask and Meghan looks over her shoulder, her eyebrow raising.


"Why did you -- uh, you and Courtney--"

"She wouldn't tell me what she did to me." Meghan says, looking back at the sheets that are now on her legs. I furrow my eyebrows and wrap my arms around her waist, holding her hands close to it.

"And you grabbed her?" I ask softly and Meghan nods.

"Well what was I supposed to do? I don't like being left in the dark, Jake. That annoys me." Meghan says and I nod slowly, taking in her words.

"I don't like being left in the dark, Jake."

What the hell am I going to do now? I can't keep hiding the fact that Courtney was the one that gave Meghan the drugs... I just can't.

I'm definitely screwed if she finds out that I already knew...

So freaking screwed...


A/N - I actually like this chapter because Meghan and Jake now told each other that they like each other. How cute!


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