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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Meghan's P.O.V

I rub my eyes and walk into the building, wanting nothing more than to just sleep right now. I notice that there are no students walking around or in the hallway and I groan in realisation.

Damn, I'm late.

That's what you get for not sleeping last night, my brain laughs in humor and I can't help but roll my eyes, walking over to my locker and opening it. Just as I begin to place the few books I have in bag into the locker, I feel someone tap my shoulder, making me groan for the second time this morning.

I slam my locker shut and turn around to see Courtney standing in front of me, her blonde hair trailing down her waist. Her blue eyes look into my green ones and I narrow my eyes at her in confusion, crossing my arms over my chest. Since my tattoos are on show this morning -- my leather jacket is in the wash -- I am only wearing a black tank top and black skinny jeans.

"What the fuck do you want?" I spit, glaring at the bitch. Courtney looks around before meeting my gaze once more, a worrying look in her eyes.

"I'm sorry about what I did to you. I'm just worried because I really like Jake and I just feel like that your going to get involved and ruin my chances of marrying him--" I cut Courtney off with my hand, raising it in front of her face.

"What are you talking about? What did you do to me?" I ask slowly, my eyes narrowing at her. Courtney's eyes widen and she slowly begins to back away from me.

"D-Don't worry then--" I grab Courtney by the hair and pull her forward to me, watching as she winces in pain. I raise my eyebrow at her and clench my jaw.

"Don't walk away from me." I growl, letting Courtney go. I walk around to that I am in front of her and the lockers are behind her, stopping her from running backwards like before. "Tell me." I say slowly and Courtney shakes her head.

"I was confused about something totally different-" In anger, I grab her by the throat and push her against the lock

ens and I bite my lip, turning around. Suddenly, my cheeks heat up and my eyes widen.

Am I... blushing?

I raise a hand to my cheek and I gasp in realisation. I am blushing! What the hell am I turning into?

Wait... did Jake hear me?

"Meghan, " Jake calls and I shake my head, closing my eyes.

"No, don't bother." I say and Jake grabs my hand, spinning me around.

"Do you like me?" Jake asks slowly and for a split second, I notice a little bit of hope in Jake's eyes. You know, that twinkle you see in someone's eyes? Yeah, that bit of hope.

With Jake's hand in mine, I can't help but feel like my hand is on fire from his touch. My eyes widen slightly, deciding if I should tell him or not.

Should I tell him?

And risk getting rejected, my brain asks and I mentally breathe out a sigh.

I can't do this.

Tell him, Meghan. Fuck what he thinks. At least you can get this off your chest... my brain says, making me feel slightly confused.

Wait, so should I tell him or not?

I look into Jake's blue eyes and sigh, using my other hand to run it through my hair. "I... ugh, yes I like you." I finally spit out and instead of getting a good reaction, Jake drops my hand.


A/N - What the hell, Jake! What are you doing? Meghan finally confessed, FINALLY!


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