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   Chapter 31 NO.31

The Bad Girl By XmysterysmileX Characters: 10188

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Meghan's P.O.V

I look at the food that the nurse has just placed on the table in front of me. I furrow my eyebrows at the cheese sandwich and look up at the nurse who is folding the blankets.

"I didn't order cheese." I say and the nurse looks up at me, her face blank. Thinking that she didn't understand me, I point at the sandwich before lifting the top piece of the bread to reveal the cheese.

"I. Didn't. Order. Cheese." I say slowly and she stands up straight, placing the blanket on the desk that is against the corner. The nurse walks over to the bed and grabs the plate, walking towards the door.

"I heard you the first time." The nurse says before leaving and my eyes widen in disbelief.

What the fuck?

I roll my eyes, biting my tongue. I sit up, leaning against the small headboard. I honestly hate this place but I have to stay if I want to get better. I need to do this for Charlie.

I can't lose her.

I hear the door swing open and a small smile appears on my face when I look at the brown haired boy standing in the doorway of my hospital room.

"Jake, " I breathe out. "What are you doing here?" I ask, watching as Jake walks towards me with a small smile.

"I came to see you, " Jake says and suddenly, he brings his hands from behind his back and holds out the frame. "And to give you this." Jake says, placing the silver frame on the desk beside my bed.

I look between the frame and Jake with my eyes slightly wide. Jake sits in the chair beside my bed. He takes something out of his pocket and my eyes widen more when I look at the photo.

"H-How did you get that?" I ask quietly, watching as Jake grabs the frame and slowly places the photo inside of it. Jake sits the frame back on the desk and looks over at me.

"Please tell me you like it." Jake says and I look at the photo with both my brother and I are in. We are both smiling and holding onto each other, our green eyes shinning brightly in the sun.

"Come on, I'll ask someone to take a photo of the both of us." Matt says with a grin and I grab onto his hand, walking behind him as he approaches a group of guys. He taps one of the guys on the shoulder and the guy turns around.

"Hey, do you mind taking a photo of my sister and I?" Matt asks and the guy nods, taking Matt's phone from his hand.

"Sure, " The guy says and we both stand back. Matt looks down at me and smiles, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"Happy birthday, Meghan."

I look at Jake to see his smile slightly turning into a frown. He reaches over and brushes his thumb under my eye, wiping away the tear that made its way down my cheek.

"I'm sorry. I am so sorry." Jake says and I bite my lip, closing my eyes.

"Don't be." I mumble. "I love it." I say, opening my eyes to see Jake staring into my green eyes. Before he can say anything, I slowly lean forward and press my lips against his, my eyes slipping shut once again.

Jake's other hand makes its way onto my other cheek and I can't help but smile against his lips, not wanting to move away fro

s begin to kick back into the guy's legs but he doesn't fall to the ground and let me go as I had expected. Instead, he pulls me into an alley that is beside the shopping centre and spins me around, shoving me against the wall.

"Hey boys! I've got her!" The guy shouts and by now, the tears are falling down my face. My heart is racing and since the guy still has his hand over my mouth, no one can hear what I am screaming.

Not even me.

Suddenly, the group of guys from before appear in front of me and two of them grab at my arms, holding me against the wall. The other two grab at my jeans and force them down while the guy that first grabbed me watches, a small smirk on his face as his hand is pressed on my mouth.

"Don't be afraid. This won't hurt one bit." The guy that is holding my left arm whispers and thats when I scream again, not in anger but for the first time, I scream in fear.

So much for looking after myself...

"Meghan, " Jake calls, pulling me out of that terrible memory. I look up at him and when Jake reaches over and wipes the tears away, I let out a whimper. Jake looks a little suprised when he hears that escape my mouth but I can't help it.

I'm so fucking scared.

"Come here." Jake says, standing up and sitting next to me on the bed. He wraps an arm around my waist and I lean my head on his shoulder, biting my lip.

"Charlie is my kid." I mumble after a few seconds of silence and I lick my lips, looking up at Jake to see his reaction.

To my surprise, he doesn't look shocked. Jake looks down into my eyes and smiles weakly, showing nothing that gave me some sort of hint that he was surprised.

"You know what?" Jake asks quietly. "I'm going to give you the money for Charlie." Jake says and my eyes widen.

"N-No, you can't--" Jake presses a finger to my lips, his smile still on his face.

"Just watch me."


A/N - Woah, such an intense chapter. What do you guys think of Meghan's story behind Charlie? What about Jake? Ugh, I love him.


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