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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Meghan's P.O.V

I stop at the warehouse that Evie and Drake usually stay at since they don't have an actual place to stay. I cut the engine and get out of the car walking up to the large garage door. I raise my hand and begin to bang on it, ignoring the loud crashing sound that I am making.

Jake grabs my hand, stopping me. "Don't do this." Jake says and I send him a glare, pulling my hand out of his grip.

"You don't understand, Jake. You have no idea." I say, about to bang my fist on the garage door again but Jake grabs my shoulders, turning me so that I am facing him.

"Then tell me." Jake says and before I can reply, I hear a loud chuckle come from behind me and I turn around, looking at Drake who has a cigarette in between his fingers. He looks over at Jake and smirks before taking a drag of the cigarette.

"Told you she was wrapped around your finger. Look at the control you have over her." Drake says, referring to me when he says 'she'. I mean, I think he is referring to me. There aren't any other girls around.

I look over my shoulder to see Jake looking at floor. I clench my fist and walk up to Drake, my eyes narrowing at him. "Where is she? Did she run off?" I ask and Drake shakes his head, letting out a chuckle.

"Baby girl, people like us... never run." Drake says with a smirk and all of a sudden, I feel someone tap my shoulder. Thinking that it is Jake, I turn around, only to be punched in the face, sending me stumbling back. I hold my nose in pain and when I feel warm liquid running over my fingers, I look over at Evie who is looking at her nails, as if she was bored.

"You could never take a punch." Evie mutters and I clench my jaw, running straight over to her and tackling her to the ground. I send my fist towards her face but she moves her head, making me punch the concrete.

"Ouch, must've hurt." Evie smirks and I go to punch her again, only for her to move to the other direction, making me punch the concrete again. "Did that hurt?" Evie continues and I grab her by the throat. I hear Jake gasp and I hear Drake chuckle.

"Just leave it, dude. They've got this." Drake says and I narrow my eyes at Evie who has a smirk on her face. I feel something poke at my stomach and I look down to see a knife pressed to my stomach.

Where the fuck did that come from?

"Go on. We can both go to the hospital together." Evie says with the little amount of air she has and I clench my jaw in anger, pushing harder on Evie's throat but as I begin to do that, the knife pushes more into my skin.

I slowly begin to let go and before I stand up, Evie placing the knife back in her pocket, I headbutt Evie and watch as she let's out a groan, not expecting that to happen.

When she closes her eyes in pain, I get to my feet and grab Evie's collar, pulling her up from the ground. She needs to eat more, I instantly think as I realise how light she is.

"This is for bringing up my past." I say, throwing my fist into Evie's nose, watching as the blood immediately comes rushing out, just like what is happening to me. I turn around, still holding Evie up and I drop her towards Drake's direction, watching as he catches her in his arms.

"Leave us alone, Drake, otherwise I will be coming after you next time." I spit in anger, tasting the blood that runs into my mouth as I talk. Before I can head Drake say a word, I begin to walk to the car.

"Meghan, are you okay?" Jake asks, running up to me and I turn around, leaning my back aga

t door open and I look up to see Jake wearing grey sweatpants and a maroon coloured hoodie that has the words 'champion' across it. Jake begins to dry his hair with the towel and I can't help but stir uncomfortably.

Control your hormones, my brain says and I bite my lip, watching as Jake's eyes meet mine slowly. Jake stops drying his hair and throws the towel on his bed.

"Still not going." Jake says after a few seconds of silence and I snap out of my trance, looking up at the goody-two-shoes.

"Yes you are." I say and Jake raises his eyebrows at me.

"Says who?" Just before I am about to say 'me' an idea pops into my head and I grin, immediately jumping off the bed and running out of the room. I hear Jake chase after me and I quickly run down the hall towards Hannah's room. I push the door open to see her watching some television show, snuggled up in her bed.

"Hey Hannah..." I trail off quickly and Hannah furrows her eyebrows at me.

"Meghan, you better not-" I quickly close the door so he couldn't enter and I look back at Hannah who is staring at me weirdly.

"Is... everything okay?" Hannah asks and I wave her off, a grin appearing on my face.

"Absolutely amazing. So, remember that time if I said that if I needed anything, I come to you?" I ask quickly and Hannah nods.

"Don't you dare--"

"Tell him that he has to come to the carnival." I say, pushing off the door and running over to Hannah. She let's out a laugh and sits up.



"I don't want to -- ah!" Jake whines, suddenly running into the room and falling down on the floor. I let out a laugh and look over my shoulder to see Jake's face in the carpet, groaning in pain.

Well, that's what I think he is groaning about.

I turn back to Hannah with a wide smile on my face. "Because... we are celebrating Emma's birthday tonight." I lie and Hannah's eyes widen.

"Well in that case--"

"Thank you, Hannah! We will be home before midnight!" I say, immediately turning around but instead of running out the room, I trip over Jake's body which is still on the floor and I let out a groan.

"Shame." I hear Jake mutter with a chuckle and I get up of the floor, dusting myself off.



A/N - A little rushed but I hope you liked it! Also, don't be a silent reader.


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