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   Chapter 21 NO.21

The Bad Girl By XmysterysmileX Characters: 9594

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Meghan's P.O.V

"Yes, she is doing fine." I hear Hannah say on the phone to who I am guessing as the supervisor who came all the way here with me. 'Friday is fine, yes." Hannah says and all of a sudden, I hear someone tap my shoulder, making me jump.

I turn around to see Jake smiling at me. "Eavesdropping?" Jake asks and I roll my eyes, pressing my ear back to the door.

"At school? Uh, I would have to check with the principle." Hannah continues. "Yeah, that's fine. See you then, Harry." Hannah says and when I hear her let out a sigh, I know the conversation is over. Before Hannah can catch me eavesdropping, I quickly walk over to the couch and sit down, turning the television on.

I hear the kitchen door open and I look over my shoulder to see Hannah rubbing her temples. "Can I get a break?" Hannah asks herself and I watch as Jake places a hand on his mom's shoulder.

"You okay, mom?" Jake asks, the smile that he was showing me just before is now gone and replaces with a concerned frown. Hannah nods and looks at her son with a small smile.

"Yes, I'm fine, honey. Although, you two better head off to school if you don't want to be late." Hannah says, glancing over at me and I send her a small grin.

"Trying to get rid of us?" I ask and Hannah let's out a chuckle, shrugging.

"If you really want the answer than yes, I want you two out of the house because today is the only day I get to have a free day off so I want to spend it sleeping and relaxing." Hannah says and I nod, getting up from the couch and walking over to the door. I look at Jake and raise my eyebrow.

"You heard the women. Let's go." I say and Jake places a kiss on his mom's cheek before jogging over to me. As we walk out the door and towards Emma's car which has been parked outside the house for ten minutes now, I can't help but let my thoughts take over my mind.

When I got home early in the morning, to say that I didn't expect Jake to be waiting for me is a huge understatement. I wasn't even expecting him to be awake at that time!

I wanted to be angry at him, I really did but something inside me just wanted to forgive and forget, you know? It's not because Jake told that me that Evie and Drake were apart of the reason why Jake was looking through my file, it's because of my stupid heart that just wanted to solve the conflict between the two of us.

The things Jake made me feel when he kissed me though, I felt like I was about to die right then and there but I also felt like taking him right up against the house but I knew I couldn't because Jake is a virgin. Any girl could figure that out if they met Jake. They way he acts and talks when he is around girls, it's like he has no control over his mind.

The way he was talking to me though, before he kissed me, he sounded like a whole different guy. His posture was strong and powerful an

t her damn mouth'." Drake says and at the sound of his voice, I immediately bite my tongue. Starting shit as always, I think to myself.

"Tell her that I'm not the one who lost my virginity to a stranger." I hear Evie say and all of a sudden, I hang up the phone and begin to walk towards the entrance of the school.

That fucking bitch!

"Meghan, what happened?" Jake asks, running up to me and I push him away.

"I suggest you stay here unless you want to see me kill a bitch." I say, my voice cold as I begin to make my way towards the parking lot. I notice a few kids on their car, smoking some cigarettes and I walk over to them, my face showing no emotion but anger.

"Give me your keys, " I say to the guy who is handing out a cigarette to the girl next to her. The guy looks down at me and let's out a laugh.

"And what makes you--" I grab the guy's foot and pull him off the roof of his car, watching as he falls onto the concrete. I clench my fists and stare up at the girl who is looking between the guy and me before jumping off.

"Keys." I order, looking back down at the guy. He immediately grabs the keys out of his pocket and throws them at me. I catch them and open the car door, placing the key in the ignition. I notice Jake get in and I look over at him.

"Get out." I snap and Jake shakes his head.

"No." He says, his voice beginning to sound like the one that he used when he kissed me. I clench my jaw but don't press on it anymore, giving up. I slam my foot on the accelerator and turn, driving straight to the place where Evie and Drake would be.

I hear Jake let out a scream at how fast I am going but I ignore him, not slowing down at all. At this rate, I don't even care if the police catch me.

This bad girl is about to show how bad she can really be.


A/N - Fuckkkk, Evie you are done for! What do you think is going to happen next?


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