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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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Jake's P.O.V

"Because you seem to have my baby girl wrapped around your finger."

I smile and look down at Meghan who is clenching her jaw. An idea floods into my head and before I can even think about it, my lips crash onto Meghan's.

God, her lips are so soft, I think to myself. My grip on Meghan's waist softens and Meghan let's go of my collar, wrapping her arms around my neck. She pulls me closer to her and I can't help but smile against her lips.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time but I still don't understand why it had to take Drake and Evie to threaten me to do this. I mean, I am a big boy, I should be able to kiss the girl I like without thinking.

Drake's words flood into my head and I immediately pull away, watching as Meghan looks up at me with her eyes wide, full of shock.

"Just kiss her and then she will want to be closer with you. You'll get her trust back, I know it. Then, use that to your advantage and find out what we need." Drake says to me an I let out a sigh before hanging up the phone.

"I-I'm sorry, Meghan. I didn't mean to--" Before I can finish my apology, Meghan's lips return to mine and I can't help but get sucked in.

I have messed up so bad and she doesn't even know it...

Meghan's tongue swipes out to lick my lips but before we can go any further, I know I have to push her away. I pull away from Meghan and stare down at her, her green eyes lightening up with something that I haven't seen before.

"Why'd you stop?" Meghan asks, her voice quiet and soft. I let out a sigh and grab her hand, pulling her towards the back door that I left open for Meghan when she came back.

"Let's go inside." I say, pushing the back door open and when Meghan is inside, I close the door quietly and begin to walk towards the stairs, Me

nts, I can't help but blush some more, not looking any further than her belly button.

Wow, today seems to be a first for everything.

Once Meghan has taken the hair tie out, she places it on her wrist and shakes her head slightly. Meghan raises the cover and gets underneath, beginning to get comfortable. I close my eyes but nearly jump when I feel Meghan's leg wrap around mine.

My eyes shoot open and I look down at Meghan who is resting her head on my chest, her hand beside her head and I can't help but smile at how innocent she looks. Her eyes are closed and her lips are parted, breathing in and out softly. I smile and bring my arm around, wrapping my arm around Meghan's waist, her warm body making my skin suddenly feel like it is on fire.

When I notice a small grin appear on Meghan's lips, I can't help but let my smile widen. "Goodnight Meghan." I whisper and Meghan responds by placing a small kiss on my chest, taking me by surprise. Although, I don't do anything instead close my eyes and let sleep take over.


A/N - Short chapter but that is only because I want the next chapter to be in Meghan's P.O.V. Comment if your loving the book so far!


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