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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Meghan's P.O.V

I let out an annoyed sigh and run my hand over my name that is scribbled on my folder. I can't believe Jake did this to me. He doesn't understand that my life is my life and I don't like the whole world to fucking know about it. It's not cool what he did and if he used his brain, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't of done what he done.

I can't believe I like him.

I have only know Jake for a few weeks but that doesn't mean it has to take me the whole damn year to realise my feelings. I know what my heart wants and my heart wants him but I'm starting to over think my decision.

If Jake really wanted to get to know me, the real me, he should've asked me and depending on my mood, I would've told him. Actually, scratch that. I would've told him with letting my mood decide for me. It's just when I'm around that nerd, I feel... normal. Like I actually belong.

I let out another annoyed sigh and look at Charlie who is sleeping silently in front her me, her pink lips parted. Her long eyelashes and small nose makes her look incredibly innocent.

The only thing that I was not.

I reach over and run my hand through Charlie's brown hair, feeling the warmth come from her. I crack a smile and kiss her nose, watching as her hand moves to my hand which is still tangled in her hair. My smile widens and I grab onto Charlie's hand, rubbing my thumb over it.

"Your going to get through this, baby girl." I whisper, looking over at her monitor. I let out a sigh of relief and nod in approval. You're going to be fine, I think to myself, glancing back down at the two year old who won't let my finger go.

I look back down at the file and bite my lip. A little part of me wants to read what is in my file but another part of me is saying that I shouldn't. I don't know why I should read it though. What happened in my life so far is something that will be with me forever so why should I look at the file if I already know what happened in my life?

All of a sudden, my free hand shoots out to the folder and I open it up to the first page, pushing the thoughts to the back of my head. I look at the picture in the corner of the page and let out a sigh.

It just has to be that damn photo, doesn't it?

I look down at the information about me and I nod in approval. Good. Nothing deep or personal on this page, I think to myself before turning the page. Suddenly, the three photos that Hannah had showed me during the therapy session come into sight and I look at the one with Mary in it.

This photo doesn't belong with Hannah. This belongs with me.

I grab the photo and place it in my leather jacket, zipping it up so it doesn't fall out. After looking at the other two photos for a brief second, I decide to turn the page and all of a sudden, a gasp esca


"They did." Jake says and I narrow my eyes at Jake.

"You've been talking with Drake and Evie?" I ask, my voice beginning to show a little bit of anger. "What the hell is wrong with you! They want to ruin my life because I sent them to jail!" I snap and all of a sudden, I slap my hand over my mouth, my eyes wide.

Oh shit.

"You sent them to... jail?" Jake asks slowly, as if he doesn't want to believe it. I push Jake away from me and turn around, looking back up at my window. Before I can even make a start, Jake grabs my waist and spins me around, pushing me back against the wall.

I hold back the smirk at his sudden action and stare up at Jake who is narrowing his eyes at me. "Why?" Jake asks and I shake my head.

"That is something you don't need to know. All you should know is that Drake and Evie are dangerous. Don't talk to them at all." I say and just as I am about to push Jake again, Jake's grip on my waist tightens, making my hormones scream like crazy.

I look up at Jake and he doesn't seem angry. All he wants to know is the explanation to why I did what I did but I'm not going to give that to him.

He went through my file anyway. That's enough.

"Get your hands off of me, Jake." I snap, the angry rushing through my body as I remember catching him in his mom's bedroom with my file.

"Not until you tell me." Jake says, his voice still soft and delicate. I clench my teeth and grab Jake by the collar of his grey shirt, holding my fist up to his face.

"Let. Me. Go." I say slowly and Jake looks between me and the fist that I'm about to hit him with and he smiles.

Wait... smiles? What the hell is so damn happy about this situation?

He looks like he is thinking about something and before I can even move, his lips crash onto mine.


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