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   Chapter 18 NO.18

The Bad Girl By XmysterysmileX Characters: 7089

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Jake's P.O.V

I close the door to my mom's office and lock it before walking over to her desk. I'm so lucky that my mom isn't home and that she is at the hospital. If she saw me in here and asked me what I was doing, I would literally be screwed. I'm not good at lying and my mom has known me for long enough to know if I'm lying or not.

Meghan is upstairs playing Hollywood Undead through the Bluetooth speaker she stole today. Yep, she stole once again. After we left the hospital, Meghan wanted to go to the mall to get some stuff but all she got was a speaker and since she had no receipt or money on her, I knew she stole it.

Well, she is a bad girl...

I sit down in my mom's chair, my heart beginning to race. I know I shouldn't of agreed to look for the things that Drake and Evie wanted me to do but it's not like I will find anything surprising in Meghan's file. I know the basics anyway.

I open the draw and quietly groan when Meghan's file isn't there. I open the other drawers but to my surprise, all I see is pieces of paper stapled together saying Eddie Munchard which used to be the patient she was helping before Meghan came along.

When I search through all of the drawers and find nothing with Meghan's name on it, I lean against the wall and run a hand through my hair. "Where could I be?" I ask myself and before I can even think, I hear Meghan shout out my name. Out of panic, I run over to the door and quickly open it, walking out and shutting the door behind me. Meghan notices me and walks over to me, looking behind me at the door.

"Why were you in there?" Meghan asks, pointing at the door and my heart begins to race. I feel my hands begin to shake and I put my hands behind my back to hide them.

"I... uh, was looking for... the number to dial pizza?" I say, sounding a little uncertain but Meghan doesn't realise it. Instead, her eyes light up and she grins.

"I was just about to ask you if we could order pizza." Meghan says and I chuckle nervously.

"Well, I need to find the number." I lie. I know the number off by heart since I order pizza all the time when Emma an

the rebellious child, wasn't she?

I turn the page and my eyes widen when I see three pictures. One of Meghan with another girl, another of just Meghan and the last one of Meghan. I notice the last picture as the one of the first page, the one where Meghan looks so different and sad.

I turn the page again and notice a page that looked like it was ripped out of a notebook. As I look at the first two words, my eyes widen.

Dear Diary...

Before I can continue, I hear a cough, bringing me up from my thoughts. I look up to see Meghan glaring at me.

"So much for looking for the number, huh?" Meghan snaps, crossing her arms over her chest. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. Meghan rolls her eyes and walks over to me, snatching the file out of my hands. She grabs it and holds it close to her chest.

"I honestly thought you were different, Jake. But now I see that your just like everyone else... wanting to know the secret behind Meghan Brooks. You, " Meghan says, her eyes turning dark. "Are nothing but a fucking dog." Meghan says before walking out of the room, the file clutched tightly to her chest.

After a minute or so, I hear the front door slam shut and I let out a sigh, running my hands down my face.

Way to go, Jake, way to go.


A/N - Secrets, secrets, secrets. What would we be without them? What do you think Meghan is hiding?


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