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   Chapter 16 NO.16

The Bad Girl By XmysterysmileX Characters: 6487

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Jake's P.O.V

After putting my books into my locker, I slam the locker door shut. I turn and suddenly, my eyes nearly pop out of their sockets.


Evie immediately places her hand over my mouth and places a finger to her lips, telling me to be silent. My eyes go wide when she begins to pull me towards the entrance doors of the school. She drags me to the side of the school and holds me up against the wall, pulling out a knife from her pocket. I gasp but before I can say a word or beg for my life, Evie holds the knife up to my throat, shutting me up.

"Where's Meghan?" Evie asks and I shake my head slightly, my eyes still wide.

"I don't -- my god don't kill me!" I say in a high pitch voice when she presses the knife to my throat, making me throw my hands in the air. Evie narrows her eyes at me and before she could say or do anything else, a guy pops out of nowhere, making me scream again.

"Dude, chill." I hear the guy say and I open my eyes slowly to see Drake rolling his eyes. My eyes widen and I stare at him like he just told me his biggest secret.

"Chill? Chill? I nearly got my throat sliced and your telling me to -- oh please spare me!" I immediately say when Evie points her knife at me. Drake lowers Evie's hand and crosses his arms over his chest.

"You really are a pussy." Drake says, cracking a smile and Evie nods.

"You honestly don't know how many times I wanted to punch him because of his screaming." Evie says and my eyes widen as they continue to talk about me right in front of my face, like I wasn't even here.

When Drake realises that I am staring between him and Evie, he stops and clears his throat. "Moving on from the fact, we need you to find out a few things for us." Drake says and I rasie my eyebrow.

"W-Why me?" I ask and Drake smirks.

"Because you seem to have my baby girl around your finger." Drake says and I begin to cough.

"You and Meghan are... a thing

ched in the face by a girl.

"Step away from each other now." Mr Heaton orders but Meghan is still holding onto Fletcher's collar and I'm still grabbing Meghan's hand, trying to pull her away.

"Your a fucking pig!" Meghan spits and when I say spit, she literally does exactly that. Everyone gasps and I find myself letting go of Meghan's hand in shock. She let's out a growl and walks towards the door, opening it and walking out. Meghan doesn't forget to slam the door either.

All of a sudden, all eyes are on Fletcher and I hear Danny snicker while Emma claps. "Someone finally showed you who's boss, aye Fletch?" Emma smirks and Fletcher wipes the spit off of his face and lowers his head, ignoring the stares that he is getting.

"Jake, please sit down." Mr Heaton says and before I do, I glance over at Emma who is nodding her head towards the door, mouthing 'go and find her' to me. I look back at the teacher to see him raising an eyebrow at me.

Suddenly, instead of sitting back in my seat, I walk straight towards the door and quickly exit the class, ignoring Mr Heaton's calls.

I never really liked English anyway.


A/N - Shit, we need some holy water and a bible for our Jakie boy! Any guesses on what Evie and Drake want him to find out?


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