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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Jake's P.O.V

I let out a frustrated groan and run my hands down my face. "What do you mean she just left? She can't just leave and you, out of all people, should know that!" I grumble and Emma grabs her keys out of her purse and unlocks the car.

"I'm sorry! I thought she would just stay where I found her since she looked too pissed to even walk!" Emma exclaims, hopping into the drivers seat and I roll my eyes, getting into the car.

"You should know how people like her act, Emma! My sister was around you all the damn time!" I argue and Emma starts the car, looking in the mirror before reversing.

"What the hell do you want me to say, Jake? I'm sorry!" Emma shouts, beginning to drive to my house. As the silence gets the better of us, I begin to take the time to breathe.

How am I ever going keep Meghan safe if all she seems to do is disappear?

Before Emma informed me that Meghan disappeared, I was sitting with Courtney doing nothing but listening to her talk about everything and anything she could come up with. I may be a nice guy but hey, I'm glad I got away from Courtney before my ears fell off.

The rumors about Courtney and I obviously hadn't spread around the entire school quick enough which is why Meghan looked so shocked about the arranged marriage my mom had set up for me. From what I know, the marriage isn't certain but with the information that escaped Courtney's mouth, her parents seem to be on board with everything.

The reason my mom set up this arranged marriage for me is because she doesn't want me running into someone like Meghan and falling for her. Of course, I know that won't happen but my mom wants to make sure of it anyway. She cares for me and doesn't want me to turn into the person my sister did when she turned sixteen.

Since my mom is friends with Courtney's parents, she decided that Courtney would be the best person for me to fall in love and start a family with. The wierd thing about it all is that I only know the basics about Courtney since we hardly see each other and we don't even go to the same school. I am not saying that I would love to see Courtney more bu

l and I nod.

"Aren't we all..." I say and before I can go to grab Meghan a towel, she grabs my hand and stops me once again.

"I won't be able to take my clothes off..." Meghan says quietly and my eyes widen. Meghan's eyes are now closed once again and I find myself looking down at Meghan's clothes. She is still in her leggings and her tank top since she passed out as soon as I placed her on her bed last night.

Wait, she wants me to... take her clothes off for her?

I gulp and shake my head. "I can't--"

"Yes you can, you just won't." Meghan says, her eyes opening a little. I let out a sigh and run my hand through my hair.

"Meghan..." I trail off and Meghan's grip on my hand tightens. I look at her and watch as her eyes slip back shut.

"You need to help me." Meghan says and I bite my lip, looking up at the ceiling. Should I? I mean, I know that I have to get Meghan clean so my mom won't smell the alcohol but do I have to undress her?

Just as I am about to agree, I hear the door swing open and my eyes widen. "Jake, you awake?" I hear Emma shout and I let out a sigh.

Emma can help you now, Meghan.


A/N - Awe, I know half of you people wanted to see some #Megie action (Meghan + Jakie) but unfortunately, that isn't happening. So, what do you think of the chapter? Who do you think stopped Meghan and what do you think happened? Find out in the next chapter...


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