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   Chapter 10 NO.10

The Bad Girl By XmysterysmileX Characters: 5287

Updated: 2018-03-02 15:36

Jake's P.O.V

I sit on my bed, waiting for Meghan to get out of the shower. I look down at my phone which has two messages from Emma, a message from my mom and three messages from Danny. I know Emma and Danny's messages are about the party but I don't even want to look at what my mom has sent me.

Maybe she knows about the party...

"Oh no." I mumble, shaking my head. I place my phone beside me and stand up, walking around my room as the thoughts begin to flood into my head.

Do I really want to go to this party? What will happen? Will my mom find out? How much trouble will I be in if she does find out? What about Meghan? Will she have to move away again?

All of a sudden, I hear the shower stop running and I let out a sigh, running a hand through my hair. I look at the mirror in the corner of my room and look at my outfit.

A warm sweater incase it is cold outside? Check.

A pair of thick dark blue jeans? Check.

A pair of red vans for feet protection? Check.

"What is this?" I hear a voice ask and I turn around to see Meghan in a towel. My eyes go wide and I feel my cheeks heat up. I cover my eyes and turn around, trying to calm my breathing.

"Jake, " Meghan calls. "Explain to me why you chose to wear -- is that a sweater?" Meghan let's out a laugh and I gulp when I feel hands grip at my sweater, turning me around. Meghan removes my hands from my face and I look at the wall behind her, trying my hardest to not look down at Meghan.

I hope that towel stays on...

"If your coming to the party, your not wearing this." Meghan says sternl

Holy damn!

Meghan is wearing tight leggings which show how long and slim her legs are, a blank tank top which reveals her tattoos that are trailing down her arms and her black combat boots. Her blonde hair is curled, just sitting on her shoulders. She is wearing dark makeup which shows off her green eyes and her full lips are a dark brown. Overall, she looks... wow.

"Ready, Jakie?" Meghan asks, walking over to me and I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I want to compliment her or say something but no words want to leave my mouth.

Great. Just great.

Meghan let's out a laugh and pats my shoulder. "Come on." Meghan says before leaving her room and I look down at the floor, feeling my cheeks heat up. I run a hand through my hair and look back up before turning around and leaving Meghan's room.

As I walk down the stairs, I begin to feel my heart race.

My first high school party.

Alcohol. Drugs. Teenagers.

Oh dear lord, I think I'm going to faint.


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