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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Meghan's P.O.V

I smirk, fixing the edge of my paper plane that I made two minutes ago. I look up at the teacher to still see her sleeping and I look around the classroom to see the students peacefully answering the questions that the teacher had wrote on the board before she fell asleep in her chair.

God, the principle was right when he said that this is one of the strictest school's in Miami...

I close one eye and point my plane in the direction of the teacher and before the paper leaves my fingers, Jake grabs my wrist, stopping me from throwing my masterpiece. I turn to Jake, my smirk fading.

"Are you alright there? As you can see, I'm trying to do something." I say, snatching my hand out of Jake's grip and when I am about the throw it again, Jake places his hand over my arm and pushes it down.

"Something that will get you kicked out." Jake says and I roll my eyes.

"Please, " I start. "No one will be kicking anyone out of anywhere. I'll just blame it on that chick at the front." I say, pointing at the girl who has her earphones in and her head down, obviously doing the work. Jake shakes his head with a frown.

"Please don't." Jake says and I let out a loud sigh of annoyance before placing the plane on the table. Jake sends me a small smile, muttering a 'thank you' under his breath and I roll my eyes, looking at the teacher.

I look down at the plane and look over at Jake to see him staring out the window. I look down at his book to see that two pages are filled with words and I'm guessing he has finsihed. I hold back a snort and quickly grab the plane, aiming at the teacher before letting it go from my fingers. Jake's eyes widen when the plane hits the teacher right in the nose and a few students at the back chuckle quietly.

I cross my arms over my chest and watch as the teacher sits up, looking around the classroom to try and find out who woke her up. When the teacher looks at me, I just give her a smug look and she narrows her eyes at me. I raise my eyebrow at her the point at the girl with her earphones in and the teacher looks over at the girl, slowly getting up fr

ell, you have come to the right person." I say and Emma nods.

"I know. Now, what's the plan?"


"Meghan, I don't want to do this!" Jake whines as we enter the house. I roll my eyes and peel off my leather jacket, throwing it over my shoulder as I begin to walk up the stairs. I can hear Jake's footsteps following close behind me and I have a feeling that Jake won't stop being a little baby.

I walk into my room and I take off my boots, stripping out of my clothes. I look over at Jake who just walked into my room, about to complain again until he sees me half naked. I throw him and smirk and walk over to my wardrobe where my clothes are.

"Enjoying the view, Jakie?" I ask as I begin to search for something to wear to the party tonight. I hear Jake mutter something and I turn around and raise my eyebrow at the boy.

"What was that?" I ask and Jake's eyes widen and he turns around, his cheeks flaming up.

"Nothing!" He squeaks and I chuckle, turning back around. I grab out a black tank top that has a white skull on it and some black leggings. I throw them onto the bed and turn around to look at Jake who is staring at my door.

"Go get cleaned up and then we'll talk about everything, okay? Good." I say before walking out of my bedroom and into the bathroom.


A/N - I am only ending the chapter short because I want the next chapter to be in Jake's P.O.V.


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