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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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Jake's P.O.V

After having a quick shower, getting in my clothes for today and packing my bag, I am now ready for school but there is just one problem.

Meghan is still asleep.

Honestly, I don't want to wake Meghan up because I literally have no idea how she will react. I mean, she is very cautious from what I have heard and she does seem to have quite an attitude on her. I don't want to have a few bruises on me already just because I tried to get Meghan out of bed.

I look at the clock and let out a sigh. "Grow some balls, Jake, and just wake the girl up." I say to myself as I realise that Meghan has ten minutes to be ready if she doesn't want to be late. Actually, I don't think Meghan will care if she is late or not but on the other hand, I did and I didn't want to get my first ever detention just because I couldn't make up my mind whether or not to wake up a delinquent.

Maybe, my teacher will understand...

Actually, I don't think so.

I breathe out another sigh and begin to walk up the stairs, making my way towards Meghan's room. The events from last night appear in my mind as I push her door open and I hold in a chuckle.

I look at Meghan's sleeping form to see that she has her mouth open but not in a disgusting way. Her blonde hair is covering her face and one of her legs are hanging off the side of the bed while her other leg is curled around the blanket. I run a hand through my hair before walking over to the edge of the bed, deciding if I should either shake her or whisper for her to wake up.

Hey, why not both?

I reach my hands down to Meghan's shoulders and shake them slowly, bringing my face up to Meghan's as I whisper for her to wake up. Before I can tell her a second time though, Meghan jumps up and grabs me by the collar, holding a fist to my face.

"Don't kill me!" I scream, holding my hands up in surrender. When Meghan finally notices the person in front of her as me, she let's out a sigh and let's go of my collar, her hands dropping to her legs which are now hanging off the edge of the bed.

"You honestly scared the shit out of me." Meghan says and my eyes widen in disbelief, my heart racing in shock.

"I scared you?" I ask, point at myself before pointing at Meghan. "You scared me!" I say, my tone rising in fear and Meghan jumps up from her bed and pats me on the shoulder, a small grin on her face.

"That isn't the first time I've heard that, buddy." Meghan says and suddenly, she clutches her stomach and head, looking down at the floor. Before I can ask if she is okay, Meghan runs out of the room and I follow her to see that she is heading to the bathroom. I stop at the bathroom door and lean against the frame as I watch Meghan throw up into the toilet bowl.

I'm guessing it's the alcohol.

I walk over to Meghan and pull her hair away from her face, rubbing her back to try and calm her down a little. "Just breathe. You were quite intoxicated last night." I say and when Meghan stops, she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and narrows her eyes at me.

"What?" She asks, confusion clear in her tone and I furrow my eyebrows in


Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

"You don't remember?" I ask Meghan and she shakes her head, a small frown on her lips.

"All I remember is that I left the house to go to..." Meghan let's out a sigh and rubs her forehead. "Oh fuck." Meghan says and I frown at her.


"I went to the club downtown and I remember punching some guy because he was being perverted and after that, a dude gave me drugs because 'I was cool'." Meghan quotes and my mouth drops.

"Y-You punched a guy?" I ask and Meghan stands up slowly and goes over to the sink to wash her face. After she is done, she turns to me and shrugs.

"No biggie." Meghan says and my mouth drops as I watch Meghan begin to fix her hair in the mirror, running her fingers through her hair.

No biggie? No biggie? Are you kidding me? Since when did punching a guy become no biggie?

Meghan snaps her fingers in my face and smirks at me. "Your going to be late if you keep gawking." Meghan says and I run my hands down my face.

I totally forgot about that.

Before I can say anything, Meghan waves me off. "Go. I probably won't be ready in..." Meghan grabs my arm and twists it as she looks at my watch, nodding slowly. "Four minutes." Meghan finishes and as I go to say something again, I hear a horn outside and I let out a sigh, realising that Emma and Danny are here.

Emma and Danny have been my best friend's ever since I started high school and to be honest, they make my life a living hell but in an interesting way, if I can even put it that way. You see, Emma is the prankster who never gets caught with her pranks and Danny is just plain annoying. He always gets in trouble and also, he loves to start trouble between everyone so he can see some fights. Thanks to Danny, we get to see at least five to ten fights a week.


"Go, Jakie." Meghan says, a small grin on her lips and I let out a sigh and run down the stairs but before I leave, I turn back to look at Meghan who is standing at the top of the stairs.

"Don't be extremely late, okay? I don't--"

"I'll be fine. Now, don't make me throw you outside, Jake." Meghan smirks and I gulp, not knowing if she is actually joking or being serious.

I guess with Meghan, you'll never know.

I run outside, closing the door behind me as I begin to make my way towards Danny's car. I get in the passenger seat and let out a sigh, running a hand through my hair.

Meghan better be at school before lunch otherwise she will already be making a terrible first impression at school. Hell, she is already making a terrible impression by being late!

"Whats got you all red?" I hear Emma ask and I turn back to her and wave her off.

"I'll explain later but right now, please just drive." I say as I turn to Danny and he throws me a grin before speeding off towards the direction of the school.


A/N - Okay so, with some chapters, it might be Jake's P.O.V and it might be Meghan's P.O.V. No one else in the book - like Jake's friends - will have their own chapter of their own P.O.V unless I change my mind. Thank you guys for reading!


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