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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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[ picture of jake who is portrayed by douglas booth ]

Jake's P.O.V

As soon as Meghan left the house, my mind has been full with questions and thoughts about the delinquent.

My mom had told me a few days ago that I would be meeting a girl who is slightly different from the girls that attending Bridgeway High. When I heard that, I thought that she would be disabled or have some sort of problem but when Meghan had bumped into me, I knew by the tattoos on her arms and the smirk she wore on her lips that my mom didn't mean 'different' as in what I first thought.

Meghan is a freaking delinquent!

All I know about delinquents is that they like to do whatever they want and nothing will stop them from doing so. Something about Meghan though told me that there is more to her than just the tattoos, the attitude and the mischievous smirk. She had a story to why she is this person and even though my gut was telling me to stay away and only tutor Meghan, something inside of me wanted to know more.

You see, Meghan and I are different in many ways. I am shy and basically the most awkward person you'll ever meet but Meghan on the other hand is outgoing and she probably isn't afraid to speak her mind. Some people call me 'the good boy' of Bridgeway High because I like to stay away from trouble and keep to myself but from what I am guessing, Meghan is probably going to be labelled as that girl who makes anyone and everyone scared of her with one glare.

You know, that stereotype for delinquents?

Oh that's it. A bad girl.

The idea of having a bad girl under my roof is scary but also interesting. Nothing different happens in my life and ever since I saw Meghan, I knew that my life was going to turn upside down.

I look out the window again to see if Meghan is home yet but just like the past ten minutes I have spent waiting for Meghan, she still isn't here. I run a hand through my hair and walk over to the couch, dropping down on it.

It is three o'clock in the morning so where could Meghan even be at this time? She doesn't even know anyone here in Miami and if she does, well, I guess she is lucky then. I rub my eyes, suddenly feeling tired as I begin to lean slowly towards the floor. I snap back up in realisation and stand up, letting out a sigh as I head over into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee.

Ugh, nothing is better than coffee.

Well, except for strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce, of course, but second in the list will be coffee.

After making my coffee, I walk into the living room and peek outside but instead of letting out a sigh and giving up, my eyes widen when I see Meghan crawling her way up the stairs. I place my cup on the table and rush over to the door, opening it.

Meghan looks up and grins. "Santa came early this year." Meghan says with a chuckle and I look down to see that I am wearing one of my red sweaters. I hold in a laugh and go over to Meghan, grabbing the spot under her arms to lift her up.

Holy damn, she is light.

"You know, I feel like sleeping right here..." Meghan says, falling towards the wood and I quickly grab her again, standing her up. She wraps her arms around my neck for support and when she sighs, I smell the alcohol from her breath.

"Where were you?" I ask, looking down at Meghan who is leaning against my chest, her eyes closing.

"Off to see the wizard..." Meghan mumbles and I frown, beginning to pull her inside. I close the door behind me and sit her down on the couch, moving her blonde hair away from her face.

Before I can ask Meghan another question though, Meghan goes into her jacket pocket and pulls out a bag of what looks like...

Is that flour?

"Spongebob gave me this, " Meghan says as she pushes the bag towards me. "He said that it is the secret formula for the Krabby Patties." Meghan finishes and I can't help but laugh at that one.

Wow, Meghan is very different when she is drunk.

But then again, I don't fully know her yet.

"So what is it exactly?" I ask, looking at the bag. I open it and before I can put my finger in to see if it is flour, Meghan grabs my hand.

"Its addictive, Jakie." Meghan says and I furrow my eyebrows at the name. No one has ever called me that but when it came out of Meghan's mouth, I guess it didn't sound so bad.

I look down at the bag, thinking that maybe it isn't flour. My eyes widen in realisation and I close the bag and drop it on the floor. Meghan is a bad girl so why did I think that she brought flour home with her?

It's freaking cocaine!

"Meghan... did, uh, Spongebob give you

anything else that I should know about?" I ask, my hands shaking with fear. If my mom knew about this, I swear she would completely lose it and it hasn't even been a day yet!

Meghan chuckles and goes into her pocket, pulling out something else that is in a bag. She hands it to me and grins. "Its the essence that made Smurfette blue so don't tell Gargamel." Meghan says and I look at the bag and frown.

"Why does it look like--"

Wait, she also has weed? Oh my god, where did she get all of this?

I breathe in a deep breath before sighing, running a hand through my hair. "Look, you need to sleep it off." I say and Meghan shakes her head and wraps her legs around my legs, pulling me towards her and nearly falling on top of her. I place my hands on the wall so I wouldn't land on top of her and breathe out a heavy sigh.


"Yes, Jakie?" Meghan smirks, batting her eyelashes at me. I gulp and shake my head, trying to push away her seductive voice that is now stuck in my head.

Focus, Jake!

"Come on." I say and push myself off the wall when Meghan's legs untie themselves from me. I hold out a hand, making Meghan grab it and I pull her up, holding her waist so she doesn't fall. As we begin to walk up the stairs slowly, Meghan raises her hands in the air, nearly hitting me in the face.

"I like us better when we're wasted!" Meghan screams and I shake my head with a chuckle before walking towards Meghan's new room. I push the door open and Meghan let's out a laugh as she throws herself onto the bed.

"I can't believe the colour purple looks so cool." Meghan mumbles and I walk over to her and pull the sheet down so she can get under it but Meghan just stares at me.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows at Meghan and she points over to the wardrobe.

"Do you have something I can wear?" Meghan asks and bite the inside of my cheek. My mom hasn't gone shopping yet to buy Meghan some new clothes so what my mom has planned is to take her shopping tomorrow after school.

"Wait..." Meghan says, jumping up from her sitting position and running out of the room. I groan and I run a hand down my face.

I swear, if Meghan came with an instructions booklet, my life would be so much easier right now.

I walk out of Meghan's room and notice that the light coming from down the hall is from my room. I quickly walk over to my room and immediately cover my eyes when I see Meghan putting one of my shirts over her head, her previous clothes on my floor.

I didn't just see Meghan practically naked.

I didn't just see Meghan practically naked.

I didn't just see Meghan prac--

"Okay, now I'm ready to sleep." Meghan says, dragging me out of my thoughts as I open my eyes to see Meghan skipping back to her room. I walk back to Meghan's room and let out a chuckle when I notice that Meghan is already sleeping. The only problem about this is that her head is at the bottom of the bed while her legs are at the top.

I let out a sigh and walk over towards Meghan, picking her up softly and carefully, resting her head on her pillow. I drag the blanket over her body and brush her blonde hair away from her face just like before.

"Goodnight, Meghan." I whisper before walking out of her room, closing the door behind me. I walk into my room and grab her previous clothes and go downstairs to throw them in the wash. I walk into the living room to see the two bags of drugs on the floor and my coffee - which is probably cold now - on the table. I let out a sigh and grab the items, walking into the kitchen to tip the coffee down the drain.

I look at the two bags in my hand and groan in frustration.

What am I suppose to do with these?


I flush the toilet and watch as the drugs go down into the pipes. I know that flushing drugs down the toilet is wrong but it was the only idea I could think of. I throw the empty bags in the rubbish bin next to the toilet and walk out of the bathroom, heading into my room to finally get some sleep.

I guess I was right after all. My life is beginning to turn upside down already and it hasn't even been a full day since Meghan got here.

I just hope that Meghan decides to finally drop her bad ways and at least try to change because if she doesn't...

I don't know what will happen next.


A/N - Third chapter finished! Do you guys like it? I'm trying to make this book as funny as possible so I hope you guys at least laughed once. If you did laugh more than once... I absolutely love you for your amazing sense of humor.


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