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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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[ picture of meghan who is portrayed by alexis ren ]

Meghan's P.O.V

After listening to the supervisor explain the basic rules of what I should and shouldn't do at the school and at the place I will be staying at, we finally boarded the plane and now we are landing into the lovely place which is Miami.

Getting off the plane with nothing to hold, I impatiently wait for the supervisor to exit the plane. When he finally gets off, we begin to walk outside of the airport to see a whole bunch of yellow taxi's waiting for people to get in. The supervisor points to one of the taxi's and we walk over and I get in the back while the supervisor gets in the front with the driver.

Suprisingly, the whole time that we had spent together on the drive to the airport and the few hours we spent on the plane, I still didn't know the supervisor's name and to be honest, I didn't bother about it too much. He told me that we wouldn't be seeing each other again after I had settled in at the house unless it was coincidental so yeah, I didn't bother asking him for his name.

The entire drive was quiet and only took ten minutes until we reached the place. The taxi stops and I immediately get out, not bothering to thank the taxi driver. The supervisor meets me in front of the house and clears his throat before knocking on the door.

After a few seconds, the door swings open to reveal a lady with long black hair and striking blue eyes. She looks between us for a second before nodding to herself in realisation.

"Oh, you must be Meghan. I'm Hannah." She smiles and I nod slowly, looking down at her hand which is in front of me. I hesitate before grabbing her hand and shaking it with mine firmly. Hannah let's go of my hand and steps aside so we can walk in.

As I step inside, I take a look at my surroundings, slightly nodding in approval. Before I can stop walking, finding myself interested by the paintings on the walls, I bump into something and let out a groan, rubbing my forehead.

"Mother fucker." I mumble, looking up to see a boy who has light brown hair and the same blue eyes as Hannah who shook my hand a few seconds ago. I find myself smirking at the sight in front of me as I take in the appearance of the boy.

He is wearing grey sweatpants and a black sleeveless shirt which has Twenty One Pilots on it in white. I gaze as his arms to see that they aren't thin but neither are they huge like a wrestler. They are a nice size which basically tells me that this boy works out a little.

Hot damn.

"Uh... your Meghan, right?" The boy says, making me snap out of my thoughts on how to get this guy in my bed. I look up at the boy who is a little taller than me and nod, the smirk still on my lips.

"Yes I am and who are you, handsome?" I ask, winking at the boy and I his cheeks go red a little from the compliment. He scratches the back of his neck and looks away from me.


"Cute name for a cute boy." I wink, liking how Jake blushes more at the compliment I gave him. Before Jake can say anything, Hannah who is obviously Jake's mom, stands in front of us, catching our attention.

"Everything okay over here?" Hannah says and we both nod. The supervisor motions for me to follow him and I walk over to him and cross my arms over my chest.

"Can I go home now?" I ask and the supervisor shakes his head.

"Meghan, this is your new home. You have been sent here to behave and eventually, in the end, change into a new person

. You are to follow every instruction and ever order that comes your way, got it? Any bad reports and I will erase your chances of escaping jail time for all of your bad choices. I am giving you this chance to change and be a good girl so don't get into trouble." The supervisor says and I roll my eyes.

"Be a good girl? I don't think so." I say and the supervisor narrows his eyes at me.

"Don't make me sent you to jail when your eighteen, Meghan. I have the power to do so." The supervisor says and I roll my eyes once again but nod.

"Okay whatever but in the end, I will not be one of those little bitches who obey every goddamn order." I say and the supervisor rubs his temple in annoyance.

"Then just stay out of trouble." The supervisor says and I nod, watching as he begins to straighten out his suit. He turns to Hannah and Jake and sends the a wave.

"I will be going now. Please, if Meghan does anything that she is not suppose to, just give me a call and she will be gone." The supervisor says and Hannah smiles and nods.

"Got it. Hopefully Meghan will be cooperative." Hannah says and the supervisor nods before exiting the house. Hannah walks up to me and crosses her arms over her chest, her smile disappearing.

Woah, bi-polar much?

"Meghan, since you are under my roof, you are now my responsibility so if you do not want to go away to jail when you are eighteen, I will advise you to stay out of trouble. Now, since you are going to start school tomorrow, I don't want you to leave the house and go explore because right now, you are going to spend the rest of the day getting to know Jake and he will get to know you as I have organized for both of you to be in most of the same classes together so you won't be alone." Hannah starts off and before I can protest about being in the same class as Jake since I know that he will be watching me with everything I do, Hannah walks over to Jake and kisses his cheek.

"Don't stay up too late. I'll be back tomorrow morning since I have a long shift at the hospital." Hannah says and Jake and I both stare at Hannah in disbelief when she leaves the house.

After five minutes of staying still, Jake opens his mouth to say something but I ignore him and walk towards the door, swinging it open to see my motorcycle in front of the house, making me smirk.

"Where are you going?" Jake asks and I throw him a grin before stepping outside.

"To explore." I say and before I can close the door, Jake places his foot in front of the door and frowns at me.

"My mom said that y-you can't do that." Jake says and I roll my eyes and kick his foot away, trying to not look at his arms which are folded across his chest.

Oh, just by him doing that, it makes me all hot inside.

"Rules are meant to be broken, Jake." I say with a wink before running to my bike and getting on, putting my helmet over my head and grabbing my keys out of my pocket before speeding away from my new home.

If I am going to try and change, I might as well spend this time to get everything out of my system before actually starting with the whole 'changing' thing.

I'm sure Hannah and Jake won't mind.


A/N - I don't have time to edit the chapters so if you can help me by pointing out errors, that would be very helpful. Also, I have changed Ben's name to Jake so if you come across the name Ben, please point it out so I can change it. By the way, what did you think of this chapter?


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