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Chapter Forty Eight - "What's up, buttercup?"


Avery's P.O.V

"I'm so glad we are doing this." Claire says with a smile as she brings me into a hug. I nod, hugging my best friend back.

"It's been way too long." I say as we begin to make our way to the bar, sitting down on the chairs provided. The bartender makes eye contact with us and walks over, taking his time. Once he reaches us, Claire is keen to get right to the point.

"Can we start with a round of six?" Claire asks and the bartender nods, turning around to prepare for what she asked for. I laugh, trying to understand what the hell she just ordered.

"And what is a 'round of six'?" I ask and Claire rolls her eyes, placing her hand on my thigh as she gives me a light chuckle.

"Darling, you clearly haven't stopped being a mother for a while." I can't help but laugh at her comment. "I ordered six shots of tequila, dumb-ass."

My eyes widen. "It's only eight."

"Exactly! We should've started two hours ago."


"He is clearly interested." I nod towards the guy who is sitting three stools away from me. Claire looks past my shoulder, making easy eye-contact with the brunette.

"I wouldn't blame the guy. I mean, have you seen me?" Claire directs her attention back to me as she flips her blonde hair over her shoulder. I giggle at her, sipping my drink that clearly isn't the water that I asked for, but I'm not complaining. I'm already falling off my seat anyway.

Suddenly, my phone starts ringing and Claire and I groan. "If that's Logan, he is ruining ladies night." Claire snaps as she takes a shot of vodka. Her nose scrunches up but she shakes her head to try and not think about the taste.

I grab my phone off the counter and look at my screen. "Yep, it's Logan." I accept the call and put it to my ear. "What's up, buttercup?"

The sound of Logan's laugh on the other side of the phone makes me smile in awe. He has the most beautiful laugh ever. "Hey, baby. How's your night going? I hope no guys are hitting on you."

"Clearly not. I'm a mess right now." I laugh, watching as Clair

m gonna pass out now." I laugh and Claire nods, rolling over as she keeps her blankets close to her. I begin walking away and I feel Logan poking at my back. I pick up my pace as I reach the stairs and run, quickly making my way to our bedroom. Once we both enter, I turn around and watch as Logan strips from his clothes.

I watch him, thinking to myself about how good-looking he is. Logan walks to me in only his boxers and places his hands on my face, tilting it up to look at him. I can't help but smile. "What?"

Logan moves his lips close to mine, barely brushing against my lips. "How did I get so lucky? You have given me a beautiful baby girl and after everything I put you through, I can still call you mine."

"Stop living in the past. Just think about right now."

"Okay." Logan smirks and I feel my stomach go insane. His hands move down to my waist slowly and he grips it, making me squirm at his touch. But all of a sudden, that feeling inside of my stomach isn't the butterflies and I find myself running out of the room into the bathroom with Logan's laugh following me shamelessly.


A/N - Yep, I'm still alive. I literally lost all inspo for this book but I'm back. This is the last chapter and the next one will be the epilogue. Thank you all for sticking with me on this insane journey.

Lofd - "Taking it back, back to where it's clear..."


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