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Chapter Forty Seven - "Forever And Always."


Avery's P.O.V

"I don't want River to be in that court room. She is too young." I say to Logan and he rolls his eyes.

"And what made you think that I was going to bring her in with us?"

I look over at River who has that innocent look on her face, trying to fool us to think that she isn't listening in on the conversation. "Maybe because of the fact that she is dressed so formally?"

"It's because she is going to spend the day at my mom's with Drew. Thought they could use some time to get along." Logan says as he looks down at his daughter. "What do you say, Riv?"

"But I don't like Drew." River mumbles. "He is mean."

Rolling my eyes, I hold my arms out for River. When she hugs me, I kiss her forehead. "You two are brother and sister. You might not get along sometimes but he is family. And what do I say about family?"

River sighs. "Forever and always."

Logan raises an eyebrow but doesn't push it any further. I kiss River one more time before looking at my mom who is waiting for River so they can go to Sarah's.

"We don't have a lot of time." My mom says and I nod,

h my dad following behind. Once we are out of the court room, I hug my father and Logan.

"I can't believe that went well." I say, a smile on my face. My dad nods, pulling out his phone.

"I'm going to ring your mother." My dad says and I nod, looking back at Logan as my dad walks out of the corridor. I breathe out a sigh.

"So, what happens now?"

"The lawyer will call us and tell us what Katie will get, and also what will be added to Jade's sentence since she helped." Logan says and I nod, kissing Logan before walking with him towards the exit.


A/N - For personal reasons, I will not add the full court scene into this chapter. And sorry that this chapter is extremely short.

Lofd - "You can stand under my umbrella..."


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