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Chapter Forty Five - "I Don't Know Whether To Scream Or To Vomit..."


Avery's P.O.V

"Dinner? How is dinner better than sex?" I ask Logan as his hand finds mine. Logan looks down at me and grins.

"Just shut up and trust me." Logan says before walking into the restaurant, guiding me with his hand. The lady who is standing at the door immediately notices us and grins, walking up to us.

"Logan and Avery. Let me guide you to your table."

As we begin walking, I look at Logan. "She seemed to be real happy seeing you here. Do you know her?" I ask with a smirk, pushing at his buttons. Logan pushes it away with a smirk.

"Not every girl would be able to resist me, babe. But all the guys here are clearly holding back at ripping that dress off of you." Logan whispers in my ear, his hand leaving mine and holding my waist.

I look around, noticing that all the men here are at least forty or something. Their eyes trail my legs and hold their gaze as the bottom of my dress, which is just a little above mid-thigh.

"Jealous?" I grin and Logan shakes his head.

"Not one bit. Our bond is too strong now." Logan says with a grin and I nod, realising that after everything that has happened throughout the years, we have always found each other again. After every single fight, we always returned back to each other. And my love for him has grown so much because of that.

The lady in front of us finally stops in front of a flight of stairs. "Just through the door." She says before leaving so quick that if you blinked you wouldn't of seen her leave. Logan looks down at me with a smirk.

"Ladies first."

I find myself puzzled. Shouldn't we be sitting with everyone else back there? Where does the door lead out to?

I don't say a word. I walk up the stairs with anticipation flooding my body that I almost want to run up the stairs. I push the door open after grabbing the handle and I nearly choke on the air that attacks me when I open the door.

"Logan..." I gasp, looking at the tables that cover the floor of the roof, couples and families sitting at the tables with smiles on their faces as they eat the food on the plates.

"Do you like it?" Logan asks and I look up at the sky, the stars making my eyes shine in happiness. I grab Logan's hand and pull at it, wanting him to show me the table that we will be sitting at.

"I don't know whether to scream or to vomit... this is amazing." I say and Logan smiles back at me.

"I'm glad you like it." Logan says before pulling out the chair for me

people whistle.

Logan kisses my lips gently and I kiss him back, not wanting the moment to end. Logan pulls away and grabs the box from the table, holding the ring out for my finger. I watch as he slide it on and my heart continues to race.

"I love you, Avery." Logan kisses me before pulling away again. "So fucking much."

And all I can do is smile.

I'm engaged... and I'm so happy it's with him.

? ? ?

Logan unlocks the door before returning to kiss me. He closes the door with my back, making me lean against the front door as his hands roam the back of my dress, trying to unzip it. I pull away from him and stop him.

"Wait, my parents and--"

"They won't be back till tomorrow." Logan says before unzipping the dress and making it fall from my body. Logan picks me up and I wrap my arms around his neck, feeling his bulge in his pants poke me.

We walk over to the lounge and he drops me there, taking off his clothes and leaving him in his boxers so quick that I thought he was the flash or something. I quickly take off my bra and leave myself in my underwear, watching as Logan straddles me, his lips traveling down my stomach and towards my underwear.

I feel myself shut off from the world, not a care or worry at all as Logan distracts me from everything that is going to happen with Katie. I let myself be free tonight as tonight is ours.

And not even Aunty Heather is going to stop us.

? ? ?

A/N - I'm so glad my writers block is gone. Now I'm confident I will finish this book today. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. What do you think of the proposal.

Lofd - "Just to pour that mother-fucker down the drain, like me..."


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