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Chapter Forty Four - "Our Wedding, "


Avery's P.O.V

Logan and I walk out to the backyard, sitting near the small pool that my mom had bought for River. We sit on the armchairs provided beside the pool and keep silent - well, that was until Logan spoke.

"Avery..." Logan mumbles, looking over at me. "I didn't want to bring this up again but seeing as that was the reason we are like this, I have to. You can't blame yourself for what is happening right now." Logan says and I nod.

"You only say that to make us get past this but you don't see what I'm seeing. I'm the one who brought River back. I'm the one who was so gullible and befriended my long-lost sister. I'm the one who has put River into this-"

"You can't put yourself in that situation, Avery. You didn't even know what was going to happen if you brought River back here..." Logan trails off and I roll my eyes.

"That's exactly my point. I may not have known but as I'm the mother, I should know. I should be aware and cautious, especially with someone who I've hated for as long as I can remember. I mean, look at what Katie did to us on that last school day?"

"Exactly, Avery! Katie did that. Just like how she is doing what she is doing right now. You aren't in the wrong." Logan explains and before I can say anything, Logan stands up and holds his hand out for me to grab. When I do, I breathe out a sigh when Logan pulls me into his chest, hugging me tight.

"We are going to sort this out once and for all, okay. Not only for our family but for ourselves."

● ● ●

"Mom, please, let's not talk about this right now-"

"Talk about what? You and Avery? This is crucial-"

"And so is the safety of my son and your grandchild. So, can you please just watch Drew for another few hours?" Logan asks and I can hear Sarah sigh on the other side of the phone.

"I will because I love Drew, not because you are my son." Sarah says and I can't hold back a laugh, shaking my head at Sarah's choice of wording. Oh, how I truly miss her.

"I'm going to pretend that didn't hurt. Bye, mom." Logan says before signalling at me to hang up the phone. Before I do though, I hear Sarah's voice again.

"Avery, is this on loudspeaker?" Sarah asks and when I look over at Logan, he narrows his eyes at me. I smile and press the speaker button before placing the phone to my ear.

"Not anymore." I smile, Logan's finger tapping my hand as it rests in between us while Logan continues to

mile as he picks River up into his arms. Drew watches his father with jealousy, wanting to receive the same affection that Logan is giving River.

"Okay, okay, give her back to me." Claire says, holding her arms out towards Logan.

Logan looks over at Claire with a glare. "You are still so annoying as ever."

Claire grabs River from his arms, smiling at him. "And I'm not going to change just because you and my best friend are back together."

Logan rolls his eyes before telling Drew to go find Heather. I watch as Claire walks out of my room, probably taking her to the bathroom since I told her to give River a bath while I talk to Logan.

"You still have that worried look on your face." Logan says and I look up at him. "And I know what you need."

Logan closes the door and locks it, making my eyes widen. "Logan! Everyone is home!" I gasp when he starts walking to me.

"Never stopped us before at that water park."

My cheeks flush red as he grabs my hands, pulling me up from the bed. Logan kisses my lips gently, making my heart race as his hands trail down to my hips.

"But sadly, I have a way better idea." Logan mumbles against my ear, making me gasp with disappointment.

"But... but what is better than sex?"

"What I have planned will definitely top sex. Just put on a nice dress and meet me downstairs." Logan says before unlocking the door and leaving my room, my face red and my body heating with anticipation.

We will see about that.

? ? ?

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