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Chapter Forty Three - "Serious As A Heart Attack, Joshua."


Avery's P.O.V

"Yeah, I know. She has been like that ever since she got home from Logan's a few nights ago." I hear Joshua explain to Claire outside of my room. I continue to lay in my bed, covers up to my shoulders, as my eyes stare at the wall.

"Has Logan called? Last time I checked, they were still dating."

"To be honest, I have no idea. I don't even know why she is being so closed-off. The only person she will even talk to is River and I'm pretty sure she has no idea what Avery is going about anyway." Joshua says and I roll my eyes, just wanting Claire to leave. I know she is going to knock on my door in a minute and when I don't answer, I'm pretty sure she will kick the door down.

Yes, my best friend will go to that extent.

But she should know that when I'm in one of these moods, I want to be left alone, except when River is around. Right now though, Dad took her to the park when Claire came over and Mom went out to get a few things from the store. How I know that is because they both sent me a message.

But I know the real reason why they left the house and that's because when I'm in a mood and Claire is around, that shit is about to get crazy, which is exactly what I don't want.

"Has she been eating?"

"Only when she thinks everyone is asleep." Joshua says and this makes me roll my eyes again. Why is Joshua even awake at three o'clock in the morning anyway? He should be the one to be asleep before anyone else.

"Ugh, okay." Claire says and a few seconds later, I hear knocking on my door. "Avery? Open the door."

I don't answer and I don't plan to. Closing my eyes, I begin to block out the sound of Claire's knocking, knowing that all I can do right now is ignore her.

After what happened three nights ago, when I told Joshua everything about what happened recently, and how I figured out that Logan must know something about Ryan getting arrested, to when Logan let me listen to the conversation between Katie and Jade and how I realised that all of this is my fault, I've been staying in my room.

I haven't been talking to Joshua, my parents, Logan, no one, except my River, seeing as she is my daughter and basically needs me as much as I need her. Just her face makes me feel somewhat happy but when my mind drifts back to three nights ago, I feel upset and guilty again. It's a continuous thing. I feel happy one second, ready to just leave the house and be myself

hen she stands, I hug the towel around her body and lift her out of the bath, standing her on her feet. As we begin to walk out of the bathroom, my father's voice gets louder and suddenly, I can hear another voice.

"Go wait in mommy's room, okay?" I tell River and she nods, walking off with her towel close to her body. I walk to the stairs and look down at the living room to see my father standing at the door, staring at the guy who had just called me seconds ago.


And when he makes eye contact with me, my father immediately stops talking as he looks over his shoulder to see me staring back down at Logan, eyes wide with shock but also with anger.

"Avery..." Logan says clear enough for me to him. I gulp, not knowing how to react. I haven't talked to him in days, haven't even seen him in days, and I feel so many emotions running through my body all at once.

"Oh, just let him in." Heather says, breaking my intense stare with Logan.


"She's right." My mom says, a small smile on her face as she stands from her seat on the couch. "Just let the two talk it out."

And when my father steps away from the door after a few seconds is when I feel my own smile spread on my face, especially when Logan sends me the smallest smile in return. . . .

Hello everyone! I hope you are proud of this update, seeing as I didn't take forever to update it. And I know I said I will update over the weekend but I was surprisingly so busy with school work and drama... I know, I broke my promise. But I hope I made it up to you with this update :)

Lofd - "Know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house..."


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