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Chapter Forty One - "I... I Hurt You."


Avery's P.O.V

Well, this definitely isn't awkward... I think to myself as I chew on my bottom lip, my eyes watching River as she continues to go down the slide for the tenth time in five minutes. Ryan and Logan both sit beside me on the small bench, and the tension in the air is obvious.

But suddenly--actually, thankfully, Logan's phone rings. I watch as he gets up, the phone pressing to his ear, obviously not wasting any time trying to get away from Ryan. When Logan begins talking, I take the chance to turn to Ryan, wanting the answers to my unasked questions.

"Thank you for looking after River." I say, not decided to get straight to the point just yet. I mean, I do need to thank him anyway.

Ryan nods. "Well, I wanted to make it up to you. After everything--"

"That's the thing..." I cut Ryan off, watching as his mouth closes. "You didn't do anything to me."

Ryan shakes his head, his brown eyes dropping down to his feet. "That's not true. I... I hurt you." Ryan explains and I furrow my eyebrows.

"No, you hurt someone else, and that didn't even have anything to do with me." I say and when Ryan catches onto my words, he looks over at me, his own eyebrows furrowing.

"Who?" Ryan asks and I breathe out a sigh. But suddenly, before I can explain, I hear someone shout 'down on the ground' which makes the two of us look behind us.

The police?

"Down on the ground!" They shout again, and I look over at River who is in Logan's arms. I gulp and raise my hands up, Ryan doing the same as we get off of the bench and onto the cold cement. One of the police officers walk over and grab Ryan, picking him up and cuffing his wrists behind his back.

Totally in fear, I glance over at Logan who is kneeling on the ground, watching Ryan as he begins to get taken into a cop car. When the police leave, I look over at Logan, a million emotions rushing through me.

"What the hell just happened?"

Logan stands up, letting River run into my legs. "Justice happened."


When I got home two hours ago, I didn'

nswering my brother's question. "We were all sitting down and Logan got a phone call which left me and Ryan on the bench. I was beginning to make my way to the answers that I knew he was going to give me until the police showed up." I breathe in a deep breath. "They took Ryan."

Joshua narrows his eyes. "You said Logan was on the phone?" Joshua asks and I nod. "Then you need to speak to Logan. It's already suspicious with everything going on and you can't be gullible because of the feelings you have for him. Logan knows." Joshua says and I stare at him, my heart racing.

Joshua smiles, bringing me into a hug. "Call him. Drive to his house. Do whatever. I'll look after River." Joshua says and I hug him back, happy that he has my side with this.

"Thanks, Josh." I say and Joshua grins at me.

"Just trying to help."

When Joshua leaves the room, I walk over to my cupboard and throw on my thick jacket, knowing how cold it is outside. Besides, it is nearly ten o'clock. I grab my keys to my car and my phone, shoving them in my pocket.

Logan better have the answers.


A/N - Okay, I'm trying to shorten the events in this book so it goes to a close but I'm just hoping that I end up finishing it before my exams. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and don't forget to vote and comment.

Lofd - "If it's meant to be, it will be. Baby, just let it be."


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