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Chapter Thirty Nine - "Me Naked I'm Guessing?"


Avery's P.O.V

"So... do I need to ask why Ryan was at your doorstep?" Logan asks as River jumps out of the car. I close the door and watch as River runs into Logan's arms as he lifts her up.

Locking the car, I shake my head. "I thought you already knew the reason." I say, beginning to walk beside Logan as we enter the mall. Logan shakes his head, a faint laugh escaping his lips.

"Getting the response 'I wanted to talk to Avery' didn't answer my question. I was just thinking that maybe before I got to your place, he said something more which gave the clue as to why he even bothered showing his face after all this time." Logan explains, making me roll my eyes.

"Can we just drop this subject? I, for one, have better things to think about."

"Me naked I'm guessing?" Logan smirks, making me gasp and slap his shoulder. I look over at River to see that she is already out of it at as she stares at the toy stores that we are walking past. Logan let's out a laugh, adjusting River on his hip. "I was only joking."

I roll my eyes, glancing at the baby who is crawling on the tiled floor with a small smile on her face. I smile, remembering when River was that small and just learning to move her legs to crawl...

"Oh, my God! Where is River!" I practically shout to Aunty Heather, my eyes wide as I grip at my hair. I hear a laugh come from the living room and I run in the room, glancing at Aunty Heather as she records something on her phone.

With my face calming down, I slowly walk over to Aunty Heather to see what all of the fuss is about. And that's when I realise where River is.

Crawling underneath the coffee table.

Turning to Aunty Heather, I grab her phone off her, earning a loud groan from Aunty Heather. "What the hell are you doing?"

"My voice was in it. So, I'm deleting it."

I smile, looking at River who is now resting her head on her father's shoulder. I honestly can't believe how much things have changed, especially when River, Aunty Heather and I came back from Australia. I mean, the only reason I left was to get Logan out of the picture and now, Logan is scribbled into every picture.

And also, I'm dating him again.

Suddenly, hearing a phone ring, I dig my hand into my bag to grab the ringing phone. When my hand grabs onto it, I pull it out to see a number on the screen that I don't recognize.

"Want me to answer it?" Logan asks and I can't help but let the memories flooding into my mind when he says that. When someone would call me and I wouldn't recognise the number, Logan would always help me by answering the phone for me.

"Yeah." I say, handing the phone to him. I watch as Logan presses the phone to his ear, still walking.

"Who is this and why are you calling my girlfr-" Suddenly, Logan stops walking, making me also stop in my tracks. What the hell? I watch as Logan clenches his teeth, closing his eyes as he listens to the person talk.

"Yes. I understand. We'll be over straight away." Logan says slowly, making me curiosity prac

"No!" Logan says loudly, walking over to Ryan. "I don't trust you-"

"Then stay with him." I say, patting Logan's shoulder. I turn around to look at my father and he nods, proud of how I handled myself. Walking over to him, I glance over my shoulder to look at Logan.

"So, what's it going to be?"

With a groan, he sends Ryan the coldest glare before walking over to me, grabbing at my hand. Before we head in, Logan let's out a huff of annoyance.

"If Ryan does anything, I'll start killing."


A/N - HOLY SHIT, I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN SO LONG! I have a good reason though. You see, during the past few weeks, while I have been sick, I've had to be doing everything on my phone (IPHONE 5S) and it has been super shit because I haven't owned an IPhone before and yeah... the reason why I've had to used my phone was because my charger wasn't working for my Samsung tablet (which is what I use to write on for my stories because of how big the screen is) and that was totally fucked up.

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