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Chapter Thirty Eight - "Cute But No."


Avery's P.O.V

"Logan, this isn't funny! River won't stop asking me questions and I just feel like - are you laughing again?" I scowl, running a hand through my brown hair. I continue ptosis press the phone to my ear as I look around for my keys.

"Oh sunshine, this is your fault, not mine." Logan laughs and I narrow my eyes and stop walking.

"My fault? It slipped!"

"That's what she said!" My brother shouts as he walks past my bedroom door. I gasp and hear Logan begin to laugh his ass off again.

"Joshua, I'm going to kill you! Just not right now!" I shout as I peer my head out of my bedroom door. Joshua, who is standing at the top of the stairs, looks over at me and sends me a small grin.

"Good luck." He says before walking down the stairs. I roll my eyes and turn back around to continue to find these damn car keys.

"I honestly don't like your brother but that deserves a high five." Logan chuckles and I grin when I find the car keys under the bed. But why the hell were they under there?

"Shut up. Now, can you come over when your done with the custody stuff? I need you to-"

"Make you feel better?"

"I'm going to hit you, I swear."

"Kinky." Logan replies and I can practically hear the smile on his face. "I'm joking. I'll come over when I'm done, yes. See you, sunshine." Logan says and I shove my keys in my bag.

"See you."

I hang up the phone and also shove that in my bag. I throw it over my shoulder and walk out of my room, heading down the stairs. When I reach the last stair, I notice River sitting on the couch watching - what even is that?

I walk over to the couch and pick up the remote, clicking the middle button to see what the show is. My eyes narrow at the screen when I read the words Geordie Shore. What the hell is this?

"Don't chang

of his head, he stops and narrows his eyes at the situation.

"Why is Logan here?" My father asks and I look over at him, sending him a smile.

"Blame your wife." I say and my father looks over at me, his eyes wide. He goes to say something but is cut off by Logan's voice.

"Hello, everyone." Logan smiles, until his eyes land on Ryan. "What are you doing here?" Logan snaps and I run a hand through my hair, breathing out a sigh.

Ryan points over to me. "I came to talk to Avery." Ryan explains and Logan raises an eyebrow. Suddenly, I hear a squeal come from behind me and I look down to see River pushing past everyone. When she passes everyone, she runs up to Logan and hugs his legs.

"Daddy's here!"

I breathe out another sigh when Aunty Heather, my father, and Ryan look over at me. I raise my hands in the air and point over to my father.

"Blame the wife."


Done! GOD, I HAVEN'T UPDATES IN FOREVER! I'm sorry that I have left you but now I'm back! I'm hoping to finish this book soon as I already have everything planned out. Did you guys like the chapter though? Why do you think Ryan is there for Avery?

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