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Chapter Thirty Four - "Family Would Never Kill Each Other."


Avery's P.O.V

Taking a seat in the chair provided in front of me, I glance between my father and Helena, who seems to be looking into a file about someone. My father watches, waiting for Helena to look up so we can just get this over and done with.

As I look at Helena, I notice how dodgy she looks. She has a smug grin on her face and her black hair is pulling into a high ponytail. Her eyes are scanning over the information in the file and when she catches my father and I staring, waiting, she closes the folder and pushes it aside.

"So, " Helena starts. "What is this about again?"

"My daughter here, has been receiving threatening messages from Jade and I find it hard to believe how she can contact her when she isn't supposed to have any technology at all." My father explains, leaning back in his chair. Helena looks over at me, her smug grin still on her face.

"Oh, " Helena says, crossing her arms over her chest. "And you think I have something to do with it?"

"Damn straight." My father spits, biting the inside of his cheek. Helena chuckles in amusement, standing up from her chair.

"Would you like me to get Jade for you? I'm sure if she did this, she can tell you what's going on." Helena offers and suddenly, I begin to get a little worried. I haven't seen Jade in three years and the last thing she said to me wasn't exactly friendly.

"That would be appreciated, thanks." My father says, watching as Helena exits the room. I turn to my father, my eyes wide.

"What the hell?" I begin, my hands beginning to shake.

"Avery, if we want to find out who is harassing us, then this is the way. She won't do anything." My father says and my eyebrows raise.

"Thats the thing! We won't find out who did it because Jade won't tell us!" I explain, watching as my father rolls his eyes.

"Your overreacting, Avery. Just breathe and let me do the talking."

Easier said than done.


"Well, well, well..." I hear a familiar voice say and I raise my head to see Jade walk in, handcuffs around her wrists as they rest on her stomach. Her brown hair has grown since the last time I saw her and her tattoos... God, her tattoos have literally multiplied.

How can you even get tattoos in prison?

"Is it just me or has someone aged terribly?" Jade smirks, looking over at my father. I look over at him to see him clenching his jaw. Jade looks over at me and throws me a wink.

"How is the child?"

"You leave Ri


"Do you still like Joshua?" I ask, glancing at the wall in front of me.

"Uh... is it bad if I say no?" Ouch, I think to myself.

"Maybe you should talk to Josh. Just put everything out on the table. You say what you need to and he'll say what he needs to. It will work out fine, trust me."

"Ugh, I'm trusting you, Avery."

With a nod, I hang up the phone and stand up, heading towards River's room. I walk in and Joshua looks up at me.

"Let me guess. Lover boy?" Joshua asks and I shake my head.

"No." I say, sitting back on the end of River's bed. "Believe it or not, it was actually Emma." I say and Joshua's eyes widen.

"What did she say? What was it-"

Joshua gets cut off once again by a ring tone but it isn't mine. Joshua goes into his pocket and pulls out his phone.

"Its her, " Joshua mumbles and he looks up at me. "Should I answer it?"

I nod. "Yes."

Joshua answers the phone after letting out a sigh and stands up, walking out of River's room. When he closes the door behind him, I look at River. Suddenly, River jolts up, her eyes snapping open, taking me by surprise.

"Is he gone?" River asks and I let out a laugh.

"Yes, baby, he is gone."

River sighs. "He has been touching my hair for so long and it was really..."

"Annoying?" I suggest and River nods.

"Yeah, that." River says, earning a laugh from me.

"C'mon, you need a bath."


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