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Chapter Thirty Three - "She Won't Be Long."


Avery's P.O.V

"Up, up, up!" I hear a voice say as they walk into my room without even knocking. I groan and rub my eyes, a frown settling on my face. Claire groans and grabs a pillow, throwing it over her head.

"Go away!" Claire grumbles and when I feel the blanket being ripped off of my body, I squeal, jumping up and looking at the culprit.

"Dad? What the hell?" I ask, immediately looking down at my outfit. After realising that I am in my pajama pants and a singlet, I let out a sigh and look up at my father.

"You have to get ready. We are leaving to go see Helena in twenty minutes." My father says before walking out. I look over at Claire who is still holding the pillow over her head. I slide out of bed and walk over to the blow up mattress.

"Are you going to stay here?" I ask and Claire peaks up from the pillow, one eye open as she stares at me.

"Who is staying?"

"River, my mom and maybe Aunty Heather if she comes back from her night out." I explain and Claire nods.

"Okay, I'll stay." Claire says and when I begin to move to the door so I can go have a quick shower, Claire calls my name. I look over my shoulder and raise my eyebrow at her.

"Yes, Claire?"

"Be a friend and make me a cup of tea?" Claire says with a grin and I roll my eyes, walking out of my room and towards the bathroom.


As my father and I leave the house and make our way to the car - I wasn't going to ride on his motorcycle ever again - I look over to the left and look at Ryan's house.

I still can't believe he touched

u?" The lady asks and my father rests his arms on the wood, looking down at the lady.

"I am here to see Helena, " My father says and when he doesn't say anything else, I chime in.

"She's an officer." I say and the lady nods, beginning to type on her computer. When she is finished, she grabs the phone and presses it to her ear, pressing numerous numbers.

"Hello, Helena? I believe that two people are here to see you." The lady explains and after a few seconds, she nods and hangs up the phone.

"Take a seat. She won't be long." The lady says and we both nod, walking over to the other side of the room where no one is sitting. When we both take our seats, I turn to my father.

"I feel like this isn't going to go well..."

"You're not the only one, Avery."


Well, I know this is a short chapter but what do you guys think? What is going to happen? Tell me what you think!

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