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Purposely Hating The Bad Boy By XmysterysmileX Characters: 5499

Updated: 2018-03-02 16:50

Chapter Thirty Two - "Damn, I Died!"


Avery's P.O.V

"Here, " I say to my father who is sitting at the table with a new paper in front of him. He looks up at me then down at the paper. "Make the call." I say and my father picks up the paper and reads it, his eyes widening.

"Where did you find this?" My father asks and I shrug.

"A friend found out for me." I say and my father stands up and walks over to the phone, picking it up and dialing the number on the paper. I notice my mom walk into the kitchen with River on her hip.

"Whats going on?"

"Mommy!" River screams and I smile, taking her from my mom. I give her an hug and kiss her forehead.

"Dad is calling Jade's officer." I say, trying to dodge River's kisses that she is planted on my entire face. I can't help but laugh when River grabs my cheeks and stops me from moving, placing a kiss directly on my nose.

"Okay, I missed you too, baby." I say with a smile and River grins.

"Dolls?" River asks and I let out another laugh.

"Go and set it up. I'll be up in a second." I say, placing River down on the ground. I watch as River runs out of the kitchen, a wide smile on her face. I smile, shaking my head.

How is she so cute?

I look over at my father who is leaning against the wall, obviously waiting for the person to pick up. My mom crosses her arms over her chest and watches my father patiently.

"Hello?" My father asks and after a few seconds, he nods.

"Yeah, that's fine. Uh, am I speaking to Helena?" My father asks. "I am the father of Jade Leighton. I believe you are her parole officer, yes?" My father asks and I notice how his fac

into the room.

"You really need to get out of this room, Josh." I say and Joshua furiously throws the controller onto the ground.

"Damn, I died!" Joshua groans and he looks over at me. "What do you want?" Joshua asks and I raise my eyebrow at him.

"You didn't hear me?" I ask and Joshua raises his own eyebrow at me.

"Was I suppose to?" Joshua retorts and I roll my eyes.

"Claire is coming over to stay the night." I say, leaving the room and as I walk back into River's room, I hear Joshua's voice.

"You're twenty and your having sleepovers? Grow up!" Joshua shouts and I place River down on the bed.

"Wait there." I say and when I walk down the hallway and into Joshua's room, I walk over to him and slap him upside the head, hearing Joshua groan.


Short chapter but that's only because the next chapter is going to have all of the trouble and such... I hope you still enjoyed this chapter even though it was pretty boring.

Lofd - "They say that good guys usually don't come in first. Good girls fall for bad guys but with us it's reverse..."


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