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Chapter Thirty One - "I Have An Idea."


Avery's P.O.V

"We have to do something about Jade." I hear my father say to my mom. I lean against the kitchen door, continuing to listen to their conversation.

"I know but what can we do? We can't just tell the police that Jade is going to get our granddaughter because what proof do we have? The messages, yes, but from what I can remember, it didn't say anything direct about taking River." My mom explains and I hear my father groan.

"Well they better do something! I am not going to sit here, pretend to play happy families because do you see anyone happy? We are all stressing out because of that damn girl who should be behind bars for life!" My father shouts and my mom sighs.

"Its all my fault." My mom says in a low whisper. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and take in my mom's words.

"What do you mean it's your fault?" My father asks, his tone back to his more calmer one.

"I didn't raise Jade right. I didn't show her that I loved her. I sent her away when she should've stayed with me." My mom says and I bite my lip when I hear my mom begin to sob.

"No, Danielle. It's not your fault. No one is to blame for how Jade turned out. I mean, look at Avery and Joshua. They are totally different... well, when they were younger but you know what I mean." My father chuckles, trying to get my mom to laugh but I just hear her continue to sob.

I hear my father sigh. "Avery, you can come in." I hear my father say and my eyes widen. I push the door open and frown at my father.

"How did you-"

"Elephant feet, sweetheart. You and I are the only people in the family who have it." My father says, wiggling his foot and I huff in annoyance, crossing my arms over my chest. I hear my mom laugh at my father's words and my father smiles.

"There we go." My father says and my mom smiles, wiping away her tears. I take a seat at the table and look between my parents, wanting them to stir the conversation back to Jade.

"So what do we do about Jade?" My mom asks after a few seconds of silence and my father shrugs.

"I have an idea." I say and both my parents look at me, curiosity clear in their eyes.

"Go on." My father says and I nod.

"We could ring her parole officer." I say and my father rolls his eyes.

"We don't have the number to ring her parole officer, Avery." My father says and I grin, leaning back in my chair.

"You two don't but I know someone who does."


I get off Logan's bike and walk up to the door with Logan walking behind me. I knock loudly on the door and cross my arms over my chest, waiting for Patrick's guards to open the door.

e. You pleaded for forgiveness. You, you, you! It had and always has been all about you! Never has it ever been about Katie, me or River. It's been about what you want." I say, snatching my hand out of Logan's grip.

"Because I love you for fuck sake! I have been trying to make things right because I love you but of course you are too worried about Katie to even remember that!" Logan says and I clench my jaw.

"And the day that I told you I was in love with you was the day that you couldn't change anything! You fucked that slut and now your the father of her child and mine! You already fucked up, Logan! You can't fix that!" I scream, tears forming in my eyes and when Logan's features soften, I push him away and begin to walk to the direction of my house.

I know I live far away from here but I don't feel like talking to him anymore. He just does my head in.

"Avery, " Logan calls and I flip him off.

"Leave me alone!" I scream and before I know it, Logan's hands grip at my waist and turn me around. All of a sudden, his lips crash onto mine and the tears begin to fall.

Without thinking, I kiss him back and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

Why the hell am I so bi-polar? One minute, I don't want to be near Logan then the next, I am kissing him back!


Is it because... I am falling for Logan again?


Yay, another chapter. I'm sorry it has taken so long but I am busy with work and school and just life in general. Honestly, I just want one of those big bubble things so I can have my own space from anyone.

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Lofd - "You take me places that tear out my reputation, manipulate my decisions... baby, there's nothing holding me back."


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