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Chapter Twenty Eight - "Paybacks A Bitch."


Avery's P.O.V

After two hours of driving, I notice the familiar sign about the entrance and I shake my head, letting out a laugh.

"Oh no." I say, continuing to laugh and Logan stops his bike in one of the parking spaces. We both get off and when Logan begins to take his helmet off, I do the same, trying to hide my grin.

Honestly, out of all the places...

When Logan grins at me after placing his helmet on his bike, I push his chest with a laugh. "Your unbelievable!" I say and Logan rolls his eyes.

"Come on, we both have lovely memories here." Logan says and I shake my head.

"No. Just, no." I say flatly and Logan grabs my hands and begins to drag me to the entrance.

"I hope you brought your swimming costume." Logan smirks and I shake my head.

"Actually no... so shame on you." I say cheekily with a smirk and Logan let's go of my hand and pulls me closer to him by wrapping his arm around my waist.

If you haven't guessed already, Logan has decided to take me to the one place that changed my life completely. Do you remember when Claire, Logan and I went on that bus trip to the water park?

Yep, you guessed it.

"I guess your going to be swimming in your bra then." Logan says and I let out a laugh.

"Yeah you wish, buddy." I say as Logan pays for our passes. Before he can say anything, I point of to the mini store and grin at him.

"Want to chose my bikini?"


"I look like a slut in this, Logan." I say, trying to cover up my chest and Logan let's out a laugh.

"No you do not." Logan says and roll my eyes. I raise my hands above my head to show him the costume and do a spin before frowning at Logan.

"I c

the inflatable round thingy, ignoring the chuckles coming from Logan.

"So, would you like to know how many people died since you last came here?" The instructor teases and I flip him off.

"Asshole." I mutter before we begin to be pushed down into the darkness. Unlike last time, I find myself laughing in amusement as Logan is now at the front which means that he is going to go backwards down the drop. When we go down the steep drop, Logan curses as he grips onto the handles and I let out another laugh.

"Paybacks a bitch." I mutter as he breathes out a deep sigh when we begin to head towards the end of the ride.

As we both get out of the floatable thing, Logan grins at me and takes my hand in his, taking me by suprise. But this time, I don't pull away from Logan because today it is just going to be Logan and I.

Just like old times.


Short chapter but I hope you guys liked it. What do you think of this chapter? Is Avery's feelings increasing? What is going to happen next?

Please vote, by the way... I will love you all forever!

Lofd - "Do you wanna ride, ride, ride in my foreign..."


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