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Chapter Twenty One - "No Sex!"


Avery's P.O.V

"Oh this pizza is so good." Ryan moans as he continues to stack his plate with half of the pizza slices. I hit his hand and push him away.

"Hands off, I want the last piece when I come back." I say, narrowing my eyes at Ryan and he smirks, his hand reaching out to grab the last piece and I grab his hand, bending it backwards.

"I will break your fingers." I threaten and Ryan snatches his hand out of my grip, walking to the couch to watch the movie that is playing; Tomorrow When The War Began.

I walk upstairs and walk into my room, ignoring my phone that is flashing with a message. I open the cupboard and pull out my pajama shorts and a singlet. Yes, this is what I usually wear so calm down.

When I finally put on my pajamas, I grab my phone that is still flashing. I notice that it's a message from Emma.

Emma: Can I come over?

Me: Yeah sure. Joshua's home.

Emma: Okay cool.

I place my phone on the desk and walk back down the stairs and when I enter the kitchen, I stop in my tracks when I see Ryan eating the last slice of pizza.

"Ryan!" I scream, running towards him. Ryan holds his hands up in surrender and I grab Ryan's hands, bending them both back. Ryan squeals in pain and I raise my knee to his balls, hitting them hard.

"I'm sor - oh fuck!" Ryan groans, his body sinking to the ground. I grin and crouch down to his height and pat his cheek.

"Now, you my friend should know that I love my food very dearly so don't pull a trick like that again otherwise I will destroy you." I say, flashing him an innocent smile. Ryan glares at him and sticks up his middle finger.

"You bitch." He mutters and I tap his nose.

"Get well soon." I say, standing back up. I walk over to the freezer and pull out a tub of icecream that I haven't seen in my life.

"Thats mine!" I hear Ryan say and I close the freezer, looking at my neighbor with a grin.

"Thank you for this wonderful treat." I say, grabbing out a spoon. I walk over to the couch and sit down, starting to dig into the icecream.

Okay, I know I shouldn't be drowning my pain and guilt with icecream but I can't help it. Icecream seems to tempting right now so I just decided to go along with my needs and eat icecream.

I hear a knock at the door and I let out a sigh. That's probably Emma. I get up and place my icecream on the coffee table in front of me and make my way to the door.

I open the door and smile at Emma and Elena who are both grinning up at me. "Well, hello." I say as I let them both in. Elena skips to the stairs, probably going to see River who is watching a movie in my room. Emma makes her way to the kitchen and stops when she sees Ryan.

"Who are you?" Emma asks and Ryan sta

to see a boy towering over me with a frown on his face.

"Oh my god, your okay." Joshua says ans I narrow my eyes at him in confusion. What does he mean 'I'm okay'? What, did I die? Am I in heaven?

Nope. If my brother is here, I'm definitely in hell.

"What?" I ask, sitting up slowly. I notice that Ryan is leaning against the door frame with a small smile on his face. I rest my back against the headboard and let out a sigh, running my hands through my hair.

"You had a nightmare. You were screaming 'no' and 'I hate you' at the top of your lungs. Your lucky that girls are still asleep." Joshua explains, referring to River and Aunty Heather and I sigh again.

"I'm just stressed." I say and Joshua smiles.

"Thats why I called the only person who I thought could help you." Joshua says and I frown, looking at Ryan.

"Him?" I ask, pointing to Ryan and they both laugh, shaking their head.

"No. Logan." Joshua says and he starts to make his way out of my room and Ryan follows behind him. Suddenly, I see Logan enter my room and I gap.

Ignoring my head which is currently screaming 'hate him', I jump out of bed and run towards him, attacking him in a hug.

The words that Aunty Heather had told me long ago appear in my mind and I smile.

"Never go to sleep on bad terms with someone you care about, just fix it. Swallow your pride and move on because they could be gone tomorrow."

As much as I wanted to hate him, I couldn't bring myself to do that because if I faked my hatred, I could lose Logan... forever.

And to be honest, I didn't want that at all.


Chapter is done, did you guys like it? What do you think of Avery's dream? What are your thoughts?

Lofd - "You are, you are the love of my life. You are, you are the love of my life. You are, you are the love of my life."


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