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Purposely Hating The Bad Boy By XmysterysmileX Characters: 6632

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Chapter Nineteen - "Say You Hate Me First."


Avery's P.O.V

"Shit, I'm so so sorry." I say, fiddling with the door handle. I unlock the door and quickly run out, only to be face to face with Katie Holmes.

"What are you doing here? And what were you doing in my room?" Katie asks, her eyes narrowing at me as he places her hands on her hips. I bite the inside of my cheek in annoyance.

"Where is Logan?" I ask and Katie smirks.

"He just left. Guess he didn't want to see y-" I run down the stairs, cutting Katie's sentence off and I grab Ryan's arm, pulling him away from Katie's parents who are currently on the phone to god knows who. I run up the stairs and run back out to the balcony.


"Questions later." I quickly say, running across the branch and holding onto the tree, looking at Ryan who is slowly making his way across the tree branch. I groan and immediately jump down the tree, running to my car. Ryan walks over and I beep the horn at him.

"Hurry your ass up!" I scream and Ryan grins, getting into the car. I start the car and do a quick u-turn before driving to the direction of my house.

"Okay, how did the murder go?" Ryan asks and I shake my head.

"He wasn't there." I say and Ryan's eyes go wide.

"What? So your saying that I pulled that act-"

"For nothing? Yes." I say, turning into my street. I immediately see a car outside of my house and I bite my lip.

"Oh look who it is?" Ryan says as I park the car. I quickly send him a glare before getting out. I notice Logan's expression change when he sees Ryan get out of the car but I ignore that and make my way over to Logan.

"You dumb piece of shit!" I scream, gripping at his collar with one hand and holding my other hand up to his face. Logan frowns at me and attempts to grab my hand that is so close to his face but I hit it away.

"Don't touch me." I say, my tone dropping into a venomous one. Logan sighs and attempts to grab my hand that is clutching at hi

n my toes, reaching up to Logan's face.

"Please just-"

"Don't, Avery." Logan says pushing me back down on my feet. I let out a whimper and hold onto Logan's hand.

"Please st-"

"If you need anything... call your 'friend' Ryan." And with that, Logan gets in his car and drives off. I feel my heart clench when I watch Logan's car drive off down the road.

You love him, my brain says and I shake my head.

No, I can't love him.

Yes you can. You have fallen for him once-

I don't love Logan, it's only an attraction.


Ugh, stupid characters. Do you think Avery loves Logan? What are your thoughts on the chapter?

For those people out there who think that Avery is stupid for being 'bi-polar' because she hated him one second that tries to make him forgive her the next, I hope you all enjoy no more updates... jokes. I find it weird though how you criticize Avery because her attitude changes. What I find stupid though is the fact that we have all been like this in one point of our lives so I see no reason for you to judge Avery.


Lofd - "You hate me now, and I feel the same way. You love me now, and I feel the same way, We scream and we shout, make up the same day... same day."


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