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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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Chapter Eleven - "I Saw You Kissing Logan."


Avery's P.O.V

Logan: You ready?

Me: Yeah. I guess I'll see you there in about ten minutes. River keeps taking her shirt off.

Logan: Hmm, sounds like you ;)

Me: Shut up before I decide not to go.

Logan: Okay, chill. I'll see you soon.

I place my phone on the desk and stand up, walking out of my room to go find River who is probably running around the house with no shirt on again.

"River, you better get here before I burn all your teddy bears." I call and almost immediately, I see River run into the living room with her t-shirt stuck to her head.

"Her head is way too big so I just left it like that." I hear Joshua say and I glare at him.

"Her head is big because she just happens to have a bigger brain than you so shut up, yeah?" I snap, looking back at my daughter who has her hands out in front of her to stop her from bumping her head into the walls. I walk to River and help her take off her shirt.

"I hate you, Uncle Joshua!" River screams at Joshua and I watch as Joshua just nods.

"You love me, River, I know you do." Joshua says as he walks into the kitchen. River continues to glare at him and I grab River's hand, pulling her to me.

"Come on, we have to go soon." I say and River smiles at me.

"I saw you kissing Logan." River whispers and my eyes widen. River pats my cheek and places a finger on her lips.

"Our secret." River whispers and I nod slowly. As I put River's shirt on, I can't help but wonder if River heard the conversation between Logan and I yesterday when Logan was carrying River up to her room. The few words that Logan had said to me though appear in my mind.

"Do you mind if I put her to bed? I mean, I am the parent too." Logan says and I roll my eyes again, walking behind Logan who is walking up the stairs with a sleeping River in his arms.

Oh god, I hope she didn't hear that.


"Hello princess." Logan says to River who runs up to Logan. I walk away from my car and walk up to Logan.

"Hey." I say and Logan smiles.

"Good morning. You look stressed." Logan says, a small frown on his lips and I shrug.

"Somewhat." I reply and Logan nods, wrapping his arms around my shoulder as we walk inside Logan's house. I notice birthday streamers and balloons cover the place which makes River squeal. Logan puts River down and let's her explore the house and play with the balloons that are scattered everywhere.

"Whats wrong?" Logan asks and I shrug.


"A minute ago, you just told me you were stressing about something. Go on, spit it out." Logan says and I sit on the stool, watching River as she chases after the balloon that she is kicking.

"I'm worried that River is going to figure out about everything." I mumble and Logan frowns.

"I don't see how that is bad." Logan says and I sigh, running my hands down my face.

"Of course you don't. You don't see it from my point of view which is the problem. You just think that if River finds out about how you are her father, nothing will be complicated but if you actually think about it from my perspective, everything will be complicated." I explain and Logan sighs, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"You want to know what I think, Avery? I think your overreacting because of how I have a son with Katie and how I have a daughter with you. You feel like if River finds out, everything will be complicated because your scared that River's life will change from this point and you don't want it to. You want ever

ack stands up, looking me up and down.

Did he just check me out?

"You haven't changed at all." Jack says and I grin.

"Neither have you." I say as I look at his brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Jack rolls his eyes and crosses his arms over his chest.

"You and Logan togther or are you two just sleeping together?" Jack asks and I narrow my eyes at him.

"We aren't sleeping together nor are we in a relationship." I explain and Jack smirks.

"So, why are you here? Sabotage Drew's birthday party? Have a fight with Katie? Win my brother back?" Jack guesses and I roll my eyes.

"Actually, none of those. I came here with my daughter because Logan wanted me to." I say and Jack raises his eyebrow.

"You have a daughter?" Jack asks and I nod.

"Your brother and sister is with her now." I say and Jack nods, walking past me and down the hall. I roll my eyes and go to Asher's room.

If I have to explain why I am here one more time, I am literally going to lose it and go crazy on everyone's ass.

"Asher?" I ask, opening the door slowly.

When I push the door open fully, Asher looks over at me, his ocean blue eyes piercing into my brown ones. I watch as Asher looks at the screen of his television before turning it off.

"Hello Avery." Asher says as he stands up, giving me a short hug. I am suprised by the gesture but don't think too much of it. Asher pulls away and sends me a smile.

"River looks so much like Logan, you know?" Asher says and I frown in confusion.

"How do you know about River?" I ask and Asher smiles.

"I saw her when you walked in and my mom told me about how you have a daughter. She didn't tell me who the father is but now when I saw her ten minutes ago, I know that Logan is the father." Asher explains and my eyes go wide as Asher's words.

Sarah told Asher about River? Oh thank God, I'm not going to have to explain myself again.

Since I am still speechless, Asher grabs my wrist and pulls me out of his room. "Come on, we have a party to attend."


Hello people, what do you think is going to happen now? What do you think of Logan's attitude towards Jared? What will happen between Katie and Avery when they see each other?

Lofd - "Tonight, I'm going to have myself a real good time. I feel alive and the world turning inside out and floating around..."


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