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Chapter Six - "Is It Tight?"


Avery's P.O.V

"Avery, come on, we haven't had one night by ourselves in so long." Claire whines and I shake my head, sitting on my bed.

"I can't, Claire." I say and Claire groans, running her hands down her face.

"River is asleep and will probably be sleeping for the next five hours." Claire says and I sigh, shaking my head.

"You know it's not that." I say, frowning at Claire and she rolls her eyes.

"If we see her which I bet we won't, I will knock the bitch. Now, get up and get dressed into something nice. Come on, we are both twenty years old and we deserve some fun." Claire says and I sigh again.

"Promise we will be back home by twelve?" I ask and Claire nods. I stand up and watch as a large grin makes its way onto my best friends face.

"Is that a yes?" She asks and I roll my eyes playfully and nod, earning a squeal from Claire. I walk to my closet and look through my clothes and notice a dress that I haven't seen ever since I was living here with my parents and my brother which was three years ago.

I take out the red dress and Claire smiles. "I always loved that dress." Claire says and I frown, looking at the size.

"Will I still fit in it though?" I ask and Claire rolls her eyes.

"Well you will never find out if you don't try it on." Claire says and I chuckle as I start to remove my clothes from today.

When I got home from the mall, I never thought that I would see so many messages and missed calls from Claire in my life. At first, I thought it had something to do with Henry but when I read the fifty messages that she sent me, I couldn't believe it.

Claire wanted to go to a club.

I haven't been to a club in ages and when I used to go to the club, it was always good memories because that's when I used to go with Penny to show off our moves. Now, I think of it as a place where people get drunk and eventually start fights, even though that's what it usually is if you end up going on a Friday or Saturday night.

Today is Friday and the feeling I have in my stomach is unpleasant in so many way. I didn't want to go to any club right now because my mind is to focused on the events that happened today.

After I had put River in the trolley, her little figure still asleep, Logan decided to push the trolley around the supermarket as I grabbed the things that my mom needed. To be honest, the look on Logan's face as he stared at River the whole time made my heart melt. I could already tell that he was getting way too attached but what could I do? Logan is the father of River and the feelings that he is obviously having for River is explainable.

After we had done the shopping, Logan had helped me pack everything into my car and let me just say, I have never thought that I would be wanting to rip of Logan's shirt and attack him because they way his muscles flexed as he did that. It was so hot.

The memory of what happened after though flashes through my mind and I can't help but smile.

"All done." Logan says, turning to me and I nod, thanking him. Logan

Right now, we are sitting outside waiting for Henry to come and pick up his girlfriend. I know what your wondering.

How did I ring Henry?

Well, after Claire had parked the car in front of this place, I had sneaked my phone into my purse since I realised that I had to have my phone with me in case my mom called about River.

I hear a loud beep and I look up to see Henry's car. As Henry gets out, he takes a look at Claire and frowns.

"I knew this would happen." Henry says as he lifts Claire up into his arms. I get up and watch as Henry does Claire's seat belt. When he is finished, Henry turns to me.

"You need a lift?" He asks and I shake my head.

"I'm going to stay for a little longer." I say and Henry nods. He gets in his car and starts to drive off, not without scaring me with a loud beep again. I chuckle and shake my head, turning to walk back into the club. As I make my way to the dance floor once again, I hear a voice behind me.

"Hey, it's you again." I stop moving and turn around to see the guy from the supermarket that helped me find the custard.

"Liam right?" I ask and he laughs, shaking his head.

"Lucas." He says and I smile, nodding.

"I knew it started with an L." I say and Lucas grins.

"So what's your name?" Lucas asks and I brush my hair out of my face and smile at Lucas.

"Avery." I say and Lucas smiles, his arm brushing against mine. I feel a little uncomfortable at the touch but I don't mind it.

"So it is you." Lucas says and before I could ask what he means, Lucas is sent to the floor and I find myself gasping at the person in front of me.

Who the hell is he and why did he just punch Lucas?


Hello people! I have finished chapter six! What do you think of the guy? Who do you think it is? Who do you think Sarah is with? Any ideas?

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Lofd - "Its not the first time I felt this heart ache. It's not the first time I felt my world shake. Won't be the last time I cry, but there's no tears tonight..."


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