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Chapter Four - "I Have A Daughter To Look After, Logan."


Avery's P.O.V

I place my earphones in my ears and walk around the store, looking for that one thing that River wants more than strawberries, which is her favorite thing to eat by the way.


Usually, I would ignore this but when you have a three year old begging you constantly for vanilla custard for an hour straight, I just had to get her the stupid vanilla custard since my mom didn't have any.

"Where the hell is this stupid custard?" I mutter to myself, looking around the shelf for the white carton. My eyes skim the items but unfortunately, I find no vanilla custard.

"I think you should be looking more over here." I hear a voice say behind me and I pull out an earphone and turn around to find myself coming face to face with none other than a blonde boy who looks around my age. By his uniform, I can tell he works here.

"Thanks." I mumble, turning back around and I walk to the right, looking where the guy told me to look. In a few seconds, I grab the custard and turn around, bumping into the guy that had just helped me.

"I'm sorry." I say and the guy waves me off, smiling at me. I look at his badge on his shirt and read the name.


"No, no, it's my fault." Lucas says and I roll my eyes.

"Oh please, if it was your fault, I wouldn't be apologizing." I say and Lucas grins, nodding.

"Thats true. Well, I have shelves to stack and customers to help so yeah." Lucas says and I chuckle. I go to walk around him and he waves at me before turning around to continue stacking the shelves. I smile and walk to the register, holding the vanilla custard in my hands.

I pay for the custard and walk out of the store, towards my car that is parked out the front. I get in and quickly start the car, driving in the direction to my house.

When I arrive, I get out of the car and walk in the door, making my way to the kitchen where River sits. I place the custard in front of her and sigh.

"After ten minutes of looking for this, I have finally brought you the custard." I say and River claps, a smile on her face and I bow. After hearing River's laugh, I walk over to the cupboard and pull out a plastic bowl before placing it in front of my daughter.

"Let me guess... strawberries?" I ask and River grins. I smile and grab the strawberries out of the fridge and place them in the custard that I had just poured into the bowl.

"Enjoy." I say and River thanks me before picking up a strawberry covered in custard and shoves it in her mouth, a delightful smile appearing on her face.

I walk up the stairs and into my bedroom, looking at the human that is laying on my bed. I quickly close the door and glare at him.

"What the hell are you doing here and how did you get in?" I ask and Logan grins, his eyes slipping shut.

"Well, after many break and enters into this room, I still remember that you always leave your window slightly open and secondly, I would like to take you somewhere." Logan says and I sigh, running my hands down my face in frustration.

"I have a daughter to look after, Logan." I say and Logan sits up, his expression changing as a frown starts to form on his face. I mentally pinch myself.

He doesn't know about River.

The memory of me telling my parents to never mention the baby's father to Sarah or her family pops into my mind and I mentally sigh. No one knows about River's dad except for Claire and my family.

I'm so stupid.

"A daughter?" Logan asks and I nod slowly, looking anywhere but him. I couldn't look in his eyes because if I did, I know I would feel the regret of not telling him that the girl downstairs is his daughter.

"Can I see her?" He asks and I sigh, shrugging. No one was home so it was only River and I... now Logan. Logan gets up from the bed and walks past me and out the door, walking down stairs. I follow him and stand behind Logan who is watching the back of River who is happily enjoying her custard and strawberries.

I walk past Logan and look at River who is licking the bowl, trying to get the rest of the custard out of it. I smile and rest my arms on the bench, watching River.

"Riv, I would like you to meet someone." I say and River looks up at me, the bowl covering half her face as her eyes go wide as the sight of me. I take the bowl away from her and place it in the sink.

I motion for her to turn around and she does as she is told. Suddenly, the look on Logan's face makes me want to just forgive and forget everything. The pain on his face is so clear that I just want to run away and hide but I hold strong and watch as River's face scrunches in confusion.

Logan looks up at me and I instantly know what he is thinking.

He knows.

"My name is Logan. What's your name?" Logan asks, looking back down at River. He takes a few steps closer and stops in front of her. River looks up at Logan, the confusion still clear on her face.

"R-River..." River says and Logan smiles.

"Thats a beautiful name." Logan says and I bite the inside of my cheek. As I watch the two, I can't help but look at how similar they look. They have the same nose and the same eye colour and somehow, I feel a little uneasy.

Will River figure it out? Can she see the similarities between her and her father? I mean, River is pretty smart for a three year old but is she smart enough to figure it out?

Hopefully she doesn't.

"Hey, I think I've seen you before..." River says, narrowing her eyes at Logan and my eyes widen.

"Oh really?" Logan asks and she nods, jumping out of her seat.

"I'll be back." River says and when she runs up stairs, Logan sends me a sad look.

"I'm the fat

her, aren't I?" Logan asks and I look away from him. In the corner of my eyes, I can see Logan walking towards me. He grabs my hand and with his spare hand, he grabs my chin and turns my face to make me look at him.

"Isn't she?" Logan asks and I bite my lip.

"Logan, I was going to tell you but when I heard that Katie was pregnant with your child, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had to keep everything a secret." I say, tears forming in my eyes. Logan sighs and runs his hand through his hair.

"Why would you keep this from me though? I mean, I'm River's father-"

"And your also Drew's father, Logan. You made things complicated between us so how could I tell you that I was carrying your child when your the father to Katie's child too?" I say, a tear falling down my cheek and Logan wipes it away.

Hold yourself together, Avery.

I step away from him and wipe away the tears that also made their way down my cheeks. I suck in a deep breath and lean against the wall, looking down at the floor.

"River can't know about this, Logan." I say and I hear Logan sigh.

"Have you told her anything about her father?" Logan asks and I shake my head.

"I never bring it up and River never asks. That's why you can't tell her this." I say, looking at Logan with a frown. As much as I could see the pain in his eyes, he nods.

"Look, your in this picture!" I hear River say and I look to see her running down the stairs, a photo in her hand. My eyes widen and before I could snatch the photo, she hands it to Logan.

The photo of Logan, his family and I. The photo that I keep in my box full of old photos and I don't know how but River has obviously went through my things.

Sneaky little-

"I remember this." Logan says and I watch him as a small smile falls onto his face. He walks over to me and hands the photo over to me.

"You remember this, don't you?" Logan asks and I look at the photo.

Elena was in the back of the picture posing while Emma was smiling at the camera. Jack, Jake and Asher were standing behind Elena, pulling funny faces while Sarah was gapping at the camera. Logan was standing next to me, his arm around my shoulder with that breathtaking smile of his on his face. Since I was taking the picture, half of my face was in the photo but you could tell I was smiling.

I hand the photo back to him and sigh. "Of course I do." I say and River smiles.

"You two are so cute." River says and I glare at her.

"Don't make me put you to bed." I threaten and River frowns.

"Its not even night time." River says and I shrug.

"I don't care." I say and River crosses her arms over her chest and grabs Logan's hand.

"My mommy is being grumpy again. Can you make her smile like in the photo?" River asks and I roll my eyes at this. Unbelievable.

"Well, maybe I can but I don't know..." Logan says, looking up at me with a grin, I point a finger at him and narrow my eyes.

"Touch me and I'll break your fingers." I say and Logan smirks. He walks over to me and leans his face closer to my ear.

"I'd like to see you try, sunshine." Logan teases and my eyes widen when he starts to tickle me. I start to scream and wriggle, trying to get out of Logan's grip but it's pointless. I drop to the floor and quickly crawl under Logan's legs but sadly I feel myself being rolled over and continue to be tickled.

"River, help me!" I scream, reaching out for River's hand but River smirks, stepping backwards.

"Your on your own with this one, mommy."


"Do you have to go?" River asks, pouting at Logan and he sighs. I lean against the wall and watch the two.

"Sadly yes but I'll see you again, I promise." Logan says and River shakes her head.

"Please don't go. I like having you here." River says and Logan smiles, grabbing River's hand.

"And I like being here but I have to go home now." Logan says and I frown.

Home to Katie and Drew.

"Can you come tomorrow? Mommy is taking me shopping and I want to to come too." River says and I close my eyes, breathing in a a sharp breath.

Trust you to say that, River.

I open my eyes and watch as Logan nods in thought. "I will think about it." Logan says as he pulls River into a hug. River sighs and hugs him back. I feel my heart clench when I see a frown appear on Logan's face as his eyes slip shut.

I know he doesn't want to let go of his daughter but what can he do? He has a son and a bitch to go home to.

Logan stands up and I walk over to River. "Go get ready for bed, okay? I'll be up in a second." I say and River nods. I watch as she runs up the stairs but she turns around to face me.

"Can you read me a bedtime story." She asks and I nod.

"Of course." I say and River smiles before running into her room. I sigh and turn to face Logan who immediately pulls me into a hug which takes me by surprise.

"Thanks for letting me spend the day with River." Logan says and I stand there, deciding if I should hug him back or not. I find myself wrapping my arms around him, accepting his embrace.

"No problem, it's the least I could do." I say and Logan pulls away before kissing my cheek. I feel heat rush to my cheeks as Logan turns around and walks to the door. He walks out and when he closes the door behind him, I let out a sigh.

I have a feeling that hating him will be harder than I thought.


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