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   Chapter 5 Miss is Merciless!

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It has been two days since Miss woke up from her six-month sleep and the news about her waking up quickly spread around the Maed Manor.

But in those two days, no one visited Sixth Miss. Not even her father. I had an impression that amongst his twenty children, he doted the most on Sixth Miss. So why he hasn't come to visit his favorite daughter?

Miss, however, doesn't seem to mind and she is instead spreading out on the floor doing something called "yoga".

Although it looks funny, Miss said that it's good for the body.

In these two days, Miss hasn't punished me in any way. The thought about Sixth Miss being switched for a new one crossed my mind numerous times, but even if that's the truth, I wouldn't mind.

I like this Miss better.

"Good morning, Miss." The five children greeted Miss.

After Miss woke up, the other children didn't attend her for some reason. I have no idea why they didn't come to serve their master.

It's their duty, if not for Sixth Miss buying them they would still be in the Slave House.

"Where have you been?" The gentle smile that was on Miss's face for the last two days disappeared in an instant.

"Tsk." Jack clicked his tongue and said with disdain, "we were practicing martial arts."

"Practicing martial arts? Is that your duty?"

"Shut up, we are already Martial Acolytes. Thrash like you doesn't have the right to speak to us like that."!

Jack! How are you talking to Miss? Are you courting death?!

I look at Miss. The corner of her lips curved up.

She raised her hand

up and swung it towards Jack's face.

"Snort." Jack snorted and didn't move. If he is already Martial Acolyte than he doesn't have to. A normal person's slap can't injure Martial Artist.

I have to stop her! If Jack and the children retaliate, Miss will get injured.

I reach my hand towards her waist trying to stop her, but before my hand was even close to her, 'Slap!' the slapping sound resounded around the courtyard, followed by a sound of a body falling on the ground.

I stuck my head from behind Miss's body only to see Jack on the ground spitting blood and broken teeth.

How? What happened?

The other four children looked at Miss with cold eyes.

"You bitch! How dare you hurt him" Anne, the oldest girl jumped towards Miss.


Miss stood there, not moving an inch. Once Anne was close, she raised her right leg and kicked Anne to the abdomen.

Anne fell on the ground lifelessly like a mannequin.

She is not moving.

"Have mercy!" The other girl Jennipher, fell on her knees and banged her head on the ground.

"Jennipher! What are you doing?!" Jack yelled out.

"Y, you don't see? Just look at Anne! Sh, she is dead!" Jennipher said while crying. "I don't want to die, please spare me!" She added.

Miss looked at her with disdain. She then walked towards her. Seeing Miss getting close to her, Jennipher put her head on the ground and stopped moving.

Miss looked at the crawling girl at her feet. She then raised her leg and, 'Crack!' and, and-


I turned around and vomited my lunch.

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