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   Chapter 4 Miss is Strange!

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I don't have a name. However, I'm called many things. Hey, You, Slave, Servant, Maid, Thrash, Shit, Mute girl, One-eyed freak...

It has been a year since I've been brought from the Slave House. I was assigned as a personal servant of Sixth Miss, Meira Maed.

The first impression I got from Miss was that she was scary.

The head of this house is the Prime Minister Tristan Maed, who is a renown Martial Artist. Yet, Sixth Miss is way scarier.

There are rumours about Sixth Miss everywhere and, surprisingly, most of them are true.

The latest rumour is about Eleventh Prince cancelling the engagement.

However, that is not a rumour anymore. A week ago, Eleventh Prince personally came and cancelled the engagement.

I've heard from the other maids that he apparently doesn't want to be with a woman who gets injured by slipping on the stairs.

The real reason might however be different. It has been half a year since Sixth Miss slipped, she hasn't woken up yet.

We, the 6 children that were brought here from the Slave House are attending Miss's sleeping body every day.

I'm on my way towards Miss's room. I have to switch with the other children.

At first, we were supposed to work in two groups of three. But, because I can't talk the other two girls left me alone and joined the boys' group.

"I hope that this bitch doesn't wake up."

As I walk closer, I hear Jack exclaim.

"Watch what you say, Jack. Though I wholeheartedly agree~"

Next, I hear the sound of splashing water and a thud.

"Here you go Miss, I took care of you properly. Now if you excuse us~"

The door opens and the five children leave while laughing.

I open the door and slip inside. When I look towards the b

ed, I see Miss with a wet towel over her face. I quickly pull it off and wipe her face with a dry towel.

Next, I put the wet towel in the bucket with water, carefully wring it out and put it over Miss's forehead. Although Miss is a scary person, her sleeping face looks like that of an angel.

As I pull my hands from Miss's forehead I notice that she is slowly opening her eyes. Miss is awake! What do I do?

Miss slowly gets up and says, "Nnng, where am I?"

She's touching her head like she was trying to remember something. I would like to ask her if she's alright, but I can't talk.

"Who are you?" Miss suddenly asked me.

I'm in a panic, I don't know how to answer. The only thing that came to my mind was to put my hands over my chest and bow down deeply.

I steal a glance of Miss while bowing. She's frowning. "Reinkarnatsiya?" I hear her muttering something, however, I didn't understand properly.

Will I get scolded?

I hear rustling sounds suddenly and take a look what's happening. Miss is trying to stand up, but she fell back on the bed.

I unconsciously move towards her and hold her arm.

I moved without thinking! Now I'm in trouble. I will get sold to the Pit. Miss hates when servants are touching her the most.

"I'm fine." I think I heard something strange. I tilt my head, trying to recall Miss's latest words. "I'm fine." She said that, right? I didn't hear wrong, did I?

She then looks at her attire, and says "Help me get dressed please."

Miss is strange! Call the doctors, something strange happened with Miss! Did Miss angered the heavens?! Is this perhaps a divine punishment?!

While I'm panicking, Miss is looking at me and giggling while covering her mouth.

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