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   Chapter 2 Good-for-Nothing Sixth Miss

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Another two years passed.

Azure Empire has fallen. The Emperor and his bloodline wiped out. Azure Empire's Officials executed and their families enslaved.

"Get him!" A Martial Master shouted while pointing a finger a the running Tobias.


Soon five Martial Apprentices surrounded him. "Traitor, surrender or die!" One of the Apprentices shouted.

Tobias bit his lip and surrendered, he had nowhere to run. He wouldn't be able to escape from a Martial Master in the first place.

He was brought before Quas' Prime Minister Leofrick Maed, a middle-level Martial Sage expert. In Quas, his strength was second only to the King.

Tobias trembled in fear, the pressure Martial Sage emitted wasn't something a Martial Apprentice like him could endure.

"Ah dear Tobias, we meet again." Leofric said in a hoarse voice.

"P, p, prime Minister"

"Do you know how Quas treats traitors?"

"I, I, I do-"

"Your family will be enslaved for 12 generations. As for you, he, he. The good ol' public execution" Leofric said while brushing his long white beard.

"Eeeee, executed..."

"That's correct, I hope you will put on a good show for your father, haha" Leofric said and walked away.

In the evening, slave traders and soldiers of Quas entered Tobias' mansion. All people in the mansion were sold to the slave traders at a cheap price. Of course, the little girl was amongst them.

On the way to the slave house, the little girl noticed many fliers advertising a public execution. She squinted her right eye and read, "Tomorrow at noon, the traitors of our Quas Empire will be publicly executed. All residents of the former Azure Empire are welcomed to watch the show"

The little girl knew that Tobias betrayed Quas. She didn't know if she should feel happy that Tobias will meet his end or sad that she couldn'

t do it herself.

After arriving at the Slave House, she was stripped naked, showered in cold water, dressed in rags and thrown into a cell.

The next day at noon, Tobias Camry's head was removed from his body. His head was then displayed on the city gates and his body used to feed the pigs.


With the combined force of Prime Minister and the Demonic 4th Prince, Quas was able to conquer Azure Empire. The King became Emperor, the Country of Quas became Quas Empire.

Prime Minister was rewarded, the Capital City was relocated and the Demonic Prince has vanished, like he always does.


1 year later.

A lone figure in fluffy dress is lazily strolling towards the main building of this house.

The lone figure was the Good-for-Nothing Sixth Miss of the new Prime Minister. After the war, Prime Minister Leofric stepped down from his position and his son Tristan became the new Prime Minister.

Today, he called this Good-for-nothing girl because she beat her servants senseless again.

"Father, you called?" She asked lazily.

"Meira Maed, I heard you beat your servants senseless again?" Tristan asked lovingly.

"Ahh, yes I did father. These slaves never do what I tell them when I tell them something they always answer: I do not know how. It's quite frustrating..."

"I understand that they are not up to your standards, but we can't switch your servants every week. Why don't you train them properly?"

"Old dogs can't learn new tricks." She said coldly.

"Then, why don't I sent some servants to purchase child slaves for you? You can shape them to your liking"

"Yes, that could work. Thank you father, if there's nothing else, I will take my leave"



"Yes Master"

"Go to the closest Slave House and bring few children to Meira's courtyard"

"Yes, Master!"

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