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   Chapter 23 Councilor

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Chapter 23

As Elena suspected, the accidents the Council faced grew worse after La Piccola Principessa burned and an emergency Council session was called to deal with the situation. The meeting was short. Elena was asked how her idea was shaping up and she delivered a copy of the change in law that Evan and Lisa crafted.

Evan was present in his finest Senior Librarian mode and complemented the Council on being so forward thinking, praising them and not Elena for their thoughtfulness. He politely ignored the various cuts and scrapes most of the Council members were sporting. Elena clamped her jaw to keep from pointing out that if they made even the slightest bit of effort during the fire at the docks much of the current problems would have dissipated.

As the Council disbursed, each member taking their copy of the proposed changes to their quarters to read through before the details were debated Elena shook her head in disgust. Evan patted her shoulder.

"If they had just shown up when the alarm went off, " she told him. "It would have shown the Guild that they were willing to stand in an emergency. That it was only that they were trapped earthside during the evacuation that kept them from helping last time."

"I know, " Evan told her. "But change is difficult for some. Still they are reading the proposed changes."

"And they are willing to keep the changes to themselves, " Elena said, knowing that was important.

"That is self-preservation, " Evan told her with a laugh. "And that is something they are accustomed to. While you may fear your aunt's response, they have those to fear as well. There are many who will view this as a threat to their plans."

"Which would make the accidents a lot more deadly, " Elena guessed, her temper fading a little. "Still, they haven't passed the law yet."

"Not yet, but soon, hopefully, " Evan replied. "Soon."

Evan's optimism remained even as the Council met in repeated session after session going over the

rt of it and would end it before it begins."

Even Alex was speechless and Elena could see than many of them were thinking of Therese's sudden demise. There were a few nods around the table and after a moment of silence, Alexandro called for a vote to accept his retirement and to ratify Mateo as his successor.

"It will do more to end these accidents than anything else, " he reminded them. "Mateo stood with Elena during the evacuation. He is the correct choice." Elena sighed with relief when the vote was unanimous. Not even Alex dissented.

Also unanimous was the need for speed and secrecy. Evan agreed to arrange the ceremony with Rene, the premier event planner, so that it had the proper degree of pomp, even if the details were lacking. Alexandro agreed to have a private meeting with Mateo. Everyone else agreed to tell no one.

Elena left the temporary council chambers wondering just how long a secret like this could realistically be kept. Everything was moving fast, but would it be fast enough? That night she had only one dream playing in a loop. The dream of Mateo dying was nowhere in evidence and with each repeat of her dream where Mateo became a counselor, the details became more and more vivid. The next morning, for the first time in a long time, Elena woke with a smile and a sense of relief.

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