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   Chapter 22 Councilor

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Chapter 22

Lisa returned from her meeting with Evan, still in the same bubbly mood. She gave Elena a thumbs up and retreated with a stack of papers into one of the back rooms to work. Elena decided to let the topic of Lisa and Bob leaving lie for a while. For her part Elena wrapped up another meeting with some of Riko's people wishing to switch House alliance.

Although many families spoke to her and many papers were filed with the Librarians, Elena knew that everyone was keeping things quiet. On one of her few wanderings through town Elena came across Hashi who seemed pleased by the amount of people from Riko's House visiting her. She suspected he believed a deal was arranged and that he would ultimately benefit, even if he did not as of yet know the details.

"He is in for a world of disappointment, " Elena muttered to herself as her last appointment of the day ended.

"Planning trouble for someone?" Thompson asked.

Elena smiled. "More like assisting someone who plans trouble for someone, " she told him.

"Sounds exhausting, " he replied. Thompson looked around. "You know what?" he asked.

"What?" she asked with a smile.

"I believe we are actually alone."

"Lisa is in the back, " she reminded him with a smile. He moved forward and put his arms around her.

"All the way in the back, " he agreed. "And completely sucked into whatever super-secret project you gave her and will no doubt not surface until Bob comes to get her. And at the moment Bob is entertaining his, or rather Ladybug's, adoring fans in the park."

"I believe this to be true, " she replied, moving closer. Suddenly alarm bells sounded, echoing through out Haven. They pulled apart and Lisa ran from the back to join them as they moved towards the door. Elena opened it and saw a stream of people heading out of town. Spotting her cousin, she called out.

"Mateo what's going on?' she yelled.

"Fire alarm, " he called back. "There's a fire at the docks."

"Fire, " she repeated. Before the word finished, she was already running down the stairs, Thompson and Lisa behind her. The word sent a shot of terror through her. Haven had no fire engines, no large hoses capable of combatting an out of control blaze. While the original pier was composed of stone, all of the additions as well as all of the ships were primarily composed of wood. If the docks were on fire, ships would be put to sea, bucket lines formed, all available hands would be needed.

They joined the stampede to the docks and Elena was relieved to see additional help was not needed. She panted, trying to catch her breath and feeling waves of relief as she looked around seeing everything well in hand. Sections of charred dock were already doused and the ship that caught fire was towed out to sea so the fire could not leap frog through port.

Elena could see rescue workers dive off of the burning ship and swim towards the pilot ship where they were hauled out of the water by their crewmates. Spotting Sam Harris, Elena pushed forward looking for answers.

"What's the ship?" she demanded when she was close enough to be heard.

"La Piccola Principessa, " he told her. "The blaze was burning too fiercely to be put out, so we towed it out to save the rest of the docks and ships. We sent in a rescue team, but no one was alive. We'll know more when the pilot ship docks."

Elena went cold with the news. "I want to hear the report, " she told him, feeling as though her voice was coming from a long way off. Sam nodded and returned to his tasks, trying to restore order to the docks. Elena felt a hand on her arm and saw Mateo standing there.

"Therese's ship, " she told him. He nodded. They both knew there was little likelihood it was an accident. Elena looked around, searching for her grandfather. He was nowhere to be seen, nor was any other councilor, a fact Elena was not alone in noticing. She heard the grumbles and had the feeling that the accidents the other councilors suffered would be increasing in the near future. Even though it increased the likelihood the Council would go along with her plan, she could find no satisfaction in the thought.

"They should have been here, " she thought as she turned her eyes to sea, watching the ship bu

she listened to Alexandro's short eulogy Elena had the odd thought that finally, Therese managed to be first at something. She shook the thought away and placed one of the flowers she carried at the foot of the marker. She was saddened by the fact that inside, she felt nothing. There was no grief, no relief, just that odd hollow feeling.

The group was small, consisting of immediate family and one or two of Therese's friends. Isa put in an appearance and Elena found herself glad to see her place a flower on Therese's memorial, hoping that at least one person mourned Therese's loss. She was less pleased by the look Isa gave Kiera, but as Elizabeth was shooting her death glares from the other side of the memorial stone, Elena let it go. Isa was jealous that Mateo was now happily married and soon to be a father. She never forgave Mateo for their one night stand, despite the fact that she had to know it was done more to get under Therese's skin than anything else.

Isa's feelings were not her primary concern at the moment and Elena shook them away wondering why her mind kept turning up random bits of the past. As she was dressing for the memorial earlier she kept remembering Therese's rage when Elena was accepted for early training while she hadn't been. She supposed the thoughts were in some way tied to the grief she couldn't yet feel.

Elena pushed the thoughts aside and walked over to the memorial stone she erected for the unknown dead. Three listings of "Unknown sailor aboard La Piccola Principessa were carved into the stone along with the date. She placed the remaining three flowers she carried at its base. Slowly she followed the small group back to her grandfather's place where a small gathering was arranged. Typically stories and memories would be shared as the deceased's life was celebrated.

No one, however was really in the mood and the gathering was short and somber, everyone sharing one memory of Therese before quieting. Elena shared a short remembrance of playing her and Therese playing with Boots, the cat from the Wind Dancer when they were younger as it was one of her few untainted memories.

Elizabeth was the first to leave, signaling the official end of the memorial. Elena departed soon after, feeling less as though she shared remembrances of her cousin and more as though she fulfilled an onerous family duty.

"Later, " she told herself and that odd hollow spot inside. "Later when things settle down I'll sit and remember." While she and Therese never really got along, she was certain that her mind held some memories of her cousin that were not all bad. With the dream still swimming through her thoughts however, they were hard to remember. "Later, " she promised both herself and Therese. Later she would remember her cousin properly. Perhaps then she would be able to mourn.

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