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   Chapter 20 Councilor

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Chapter 20

Elena left Riko's feeling as though she was lining up dominos. She only hoped that when she finally kicked them down, the pattern formed the future she wanted.

"Please don't let them die because I failed, " she whispered to herself as she pushed the door to her house open. As the room was filled with various people, she pushed aside her fears and worries, replacing them with a smile. She looked around the room and noticed everyone appeared to be waiting for her. She looked at Mateo and her smile became genuine.

"Let me guess, " she said. "You have news?"

He laughed and shook his head. "Grandfather told you?"

"I think grandfather told everyone. He's already talked to Evan about the Haven birth registry, " Elena replied. "But he made me promise to look surprised so go ahead." Elena mimicked Alexandro's surprised pose.

"We're having a baby, " Mateo told her. "There now you officially know."

"And I can now officially say congratulations. Now I know why you had me pack an OBGYN." Elena said giving first him and then Kiera a hug.

"I wondered why your bags were so heavy, " Benjamin replied. "We brought everything up from the ship as we are between rainstorms today."

"Excellent, " Elena replied.

"And your schedule is cleared for the afternoon for a family celebration. I sent word to the rest of the family, all but Therese accepted and will be here shortly. It does mean tomorrow will be insane as you try to catch up, but you do get to take the night off from meetings."

"Considering the three I had already, I'm going to owe this baby a huge favor for the night off before the first breath hits the child's newborn lungs. I am about all meeting-ed out for the day."

"Really? Before you even get to me?" Mateo said. "Or us rather as Kiera has a mountain of things for you too."

"I started by talking to grandfather about Therese, moved to a project with Evan and ended with politics with Riko, " Elena explained taking a glass of something bubbly and cold from Benjamin.

"Celebrating your good news is just what I need to wash that away. Oh, I also invited Evan for dinner tonight, " she told Benjamin. He nodded.

"Not a problem as we always have plenty. Now I suggest you slip out of work mode. It might be your last chance for a while."

"Isn't that the truth, " she told him. Elena took a sip of her drink and decided he was right. Work mode needed to be switched off. "So, " she said shoving all thoughts of politics and death aside for the evening. "Has grandfather told you of his plans for the baby?" she asked. "When I saw him earlier he started off with baby blankets and cradles and went right into college and world domination."

Kiera laughed and shook her head. "I'm not surprised. Did you hear about his fight with Conseulo?" she countered.

"He didn't, " Elena said, surprised anyone would fight with Consuelo.

"Did. Apparently, his first great grandchild is to have the best of everything, especially when it comes to food, " Kiera told her. "Which he told the chef, in such a way as to lead Consuelo to believe that he felt she was pois

uncil and the Guild would find acceptable. The dreams continued to cycle through Elena's nights and she could find no perceptible changes. She admitted she was in a holding pattern and tried not to worry over the dreams too much although the sight of that tiny bloody hand still gave her shivers of panic and nausea when she allowed herself to think about it.

Ladybug was in her glory and afternoon romps became the norm with the local children. Thompson's father ended his trip seemingly pleased with his visit. "I like you with Will. It fits, " he told her shortly before boarding the Dolphin's Friend for his trip back to port. Elena figured it was his way of granting parental approval for her dating of his son although he said nothing else prior during his stay.

Victor sent word that it might be best if the pilots sailing for her house left messages for him with Raymond at Dockside Annie's instead of coming into town and the restaurant Consuelo left behind became the hub of communication and a sort of waiting room for those shipping out to Haven as James sent people along. Interest was picking up in the office activity and Victor sped up the time table for departures as much as possible making new arrivals a near daily occurrence.

Elena made deals with other houses to increase the number of ships bringing people and goods. She had the feeling Tina and her people would not be willing to wait to move until the end of the season unless she put in more regular appearances, something Victor strongly advised against.

As the time of the first Council meeting drew close Elena began to worry more about bringing up the change in the law. Every time she had a second between her set tasks her mind turned to the upcoming meeting. If she mentioned it the wrong way it could be waved off, ignored. Worse, it could turn people openly hostile. Her thoughts snarled and tangled as she tried to come up with the best way to bring the topic forward. The dreams hadn't changed and as Kiera's pregnancy started to show, Elena felt as though she were running out of time.

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