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   Chapter 12 Councilor

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Chapter 12

Elena slowly opened her eyes, stretching and blinking herself awake. She looked over and saw that Thompson was still asleep. She smiled as she studied him. Haven's sun brightened some of the blonder streaks in his hair, teasing out some reddish highlights in the brown as well. A dusting of freckles fell across the bridge of his nose. As she watched his eyelashes fluttered open and he began to wake. He smiled and Elena blushed realizing she had been caught staring. She started to shift away, but he was too fast for her. He snaked an arm around her and pulled her close.

"Morning, " she said.

"Any morning I wake up with a beautiful, and I might add naked, woman is definitely a good morning, " he told her, pulling her in for a kiss.

"Well, " she said with a grin when they came up for air. "The naked part is really your fault."

"I will definitely take the blame for that, " he told her. "But oh look, I seem to be sans clothing as well. Hmm, you know I don't remember taking my pants off. I seem to recall someone else doing that last night."

Elena laughed. "Guilty, " she confessed. "Although I should point out, you did not object at the time."

"True, but as I recall there were no objections of any kind made last night." Thompson once again pulled her in for a kiss. The kiss deepened and hands began to roam and heart rates quickened. Distantly Elena heard a thump, but pushed the thought aside.

"Oh my god, " Elena heard. She pulled away from Thompson with a frown as she heard footsteps hurrying through the hall. "Is everyone okay?" They broke apart and looked to the doorway where Jennifer appeared holding Elena's dress from the night before. Jennifer belatedly realized what was happening and flushed crimson. "Um, sorry the dress was just torn and um sorry." She dropped the dress and left the room.

Elena shook her head. "I knew I heard fabric ripping."

Thompson chuckled. "Sorry about that, but the zipper was hidden."

"No you're not, " she told him.

"Okay, not really sorry. And you are the one who chose a dress with the zipper in an odd place."

"The zipper was in the side, that's not all that odd, " she corrected. "I have several dresses like that."

"A fact I will definitely remember." Thompson told her. Elena felt the covers shift and saw Spin decided to join them. The cat padded up the center of the bed and parked herself between them, butting her head against Thompson's shoulder.

"Apparently we are no longer alone, " Thompson said with a shake of his head. "I know it was too good to last."

"And apparently you have been forgiven." Elena slipped out of bed and tried not to feel self-conscious as Thompson watched her dress.

"I don't suppose you remember where my pants ended up?" he asked as she pulled on a pair of jeans. "I'd rather not walk around naked while I look for them."

Elena looked around, not seeing anything but a pair of boxers. She pulled on a loose shirt and tossed his boxers to him. "I'll go look for the rest, " she told him.

Elena headed into the living room and found Jennifer still blushing. "I am so sorry. I should have known when I saw he was home but…"

"But you saw the mess and got worried, " Elena finished. "Not a problem. Still up for our first shopping foray this afternoon?" As she spoke, Elena began gathering the discarded clothing from the night before. She tried not to picture how the items had gotten so scattered while talking to Jennifer.

"Sure, still around one?" Jennifer asked, seeming to calm down, her embarrassment fading since Elena treated it as no big deal.

"If that still works." Elena confirmed.

"Yeah, " Jennifer said with a nod. "I just came home to change and get some of the movies back before I started making my list. Oh and speaking of lists, I told Will we were out of juice."

"He mentioned it, " Elena confirmed.

"And eggs, and cereal, milk and bread." Jennifer continued. "and coffee."

"We can hit the grocery store when we go out, " Elena said

"Look I know you are retired and all, but if I tell you something in confidence, would you feel the need to pass it on or not?" she asked.

"Depends?" he asked. "Would it be considered treasonous or potentially get someone or a lot of someone's killed if I keep it to myself?"

"No nothing like that, " Elena said shaking her head. "It's just something that I'm not quite sure what to do about."

"Then I can probably be counted on to keep it to myself."

"Comforting, " Elena replied dryly. She sighed. "You know how I asked you to take a DNA test to see about the Nelson file?" He nodded. "I asked Jonathan to take one as well."

"For comparison's sake?" he asked.

"No, " she corrected. "Because his high school girlfriend was Jennifer's mother."

"Oh, " Thompson replied. He paused, his fork halfway to his mouth. "Oh, " he repeated slowly, realization dawning. "Making him possibly…" he let the thought trail off.

"The match was positive, a definite match, or as definite as such things can be. I haven't said anything to her, " Elena shook her head and reached for her coffee. "Actually I haven't said anything to anyone. Even Victor doesn't know who I was comparing his DNA to. I was planning to speak to Devon and get his opinion before moving forward as he raised her and knows her better than I do, but I haven't gotten around to it."

"And now he has been reassigned somewhere you don't know about and you don't even know his real name, " Thompson filled in as he resumed eating.

"I have a phone number, " she admitted. "He gave it to me for non-Smith overheard conversations, although I think it was just to gain my trust. I have the feeling those 'private' conversations were recorded. I don't know if the number still works as I haven't used it since returning."

"I'm willing to bet it was recorded, " Thompson admitted. "It would be a way to gain trust and possibly learn more than you would be willing to admit otherwise, especially if Smith kept up his brash mannerisms."

"True, and if I hadn't had the DNA tests run I would have thought his story was designed for the same purpose. It seems suspicious that first you turn up as part of the Nelson group and then he turns up with an ex-girlfriend." She thought about it a second. "Or visa-versa, I can't remember which of you I found out about first. I think it might have been Jonathan."

"Or like me he could have learned about the project and had bells of recognition go off in the back of his mind."

"Or that, " Elena admitted. She smiled and shook her head. "You know, it's kind of nice to talk things through. You know, now that you aren't a suspicious government informant."

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