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   Chapter 9 Councilor

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Chapter 9

Lunch was a rather quiet affair, at least on their part. Despite the noon hour, Elena and Lisa were the only patrons. As they sat down, they could hear the wait staff talking and joking around with the kitchen staff in the back. The hostess who seated them finally noticed no one came to take their orders and retreated to the back, sending a waitress their way.

The waitress looked annoyed at having to take their orders. Elena and Lisa quickly ordered sandwich plates from the menu, deciding it was better not to ask too many questions.

"I'm pretty sure Consuelo would have slapped the gum from her mouth, " Elena told Lisa once the waitress once again retreated to the kitchen.

"You impressed him you know, " Lisa said. Elena frowned.

"Who?" she asked not seeing any males in the place, although she could hear masculine laughter from the back.

"Peter, " Lisa clarified. "Both when you told him you started clearing out the office and when you suggested checking the receipts."


Lisa nodded. "His voice changed. He was less…" Lisa waved her hand around as though trying to pull a word from thin air. "Amused lord of the manor, " she decided. "I think he planned on telling you what needed to be done and then convincing you to go along with whatever he planned."

"He has been Council long enough to assume control in any situation. He doesn't think I'm quite up to his level."

"Yet, " Lisa corrected.

"Excuse me?"

"He doesn't think you are quite up to his level yet, " Lisa repeated. "When he first picked us up he seemed to think you needed to be coddled and maybe drawn on to his side. You know courted in case a vote came up when he wanted you on his side type of thing. So he brings you coffee, fixed the way you like it, showing he is attentive, friendly, on your side. He arranges the get-away and the hotel so that he is rescuing the damsel in distress, that sort of thing. However, by the time we arrived, I think he was actually starting to consider that you might not be so easy to lead and that you might just be finding your footing."

"Huh, " Elena said leaning back in her chair as she thought about it. The waitress brought their plates and left again without a word.

"Can we get silverware?" Lisa called to her retreating back, trying not to sound annoyed. The waitress turned towards the bar area and picked up two sets of silverware rolled in paper napkins. She dropped them off at the table and once again walked away.

"I hope you don't need your water refilled, " Lisa said. She unrolled her utensil

loud when with him, only lapsing when you want him to think something. It could be a useful tool."

"You know you are quite devious when you put your mind to it, " Elena replied.

"Bob calls it my standard lawyer mode, " Lisa replied with a smile. "And you are one to talk with all of your let's match time stamps with security footage plan."

"Speaking of Bob, " Elena began, switching gears. "I know you've told him some and want him to see the rest for himself. I can still take you out on my next trip if you want but..."

"But you might be gone longer than you planned?" Lisa replied cutting her off.

"Possibly, " she replied. "One of the other ships could always take you back instead. What I was going to say was, but you might want to cut ties and distance yourself. I don't know how messy this is going to get. You and Bob can get out. You can claim you were just helping with my legal set up for the store so that I took care of all of my import tax and set up stuff."

"Which I did, sort of."

"Which you did, " Elena conceded. "But the store is established now and while it would be helpful to always have a lawyer I could call, it wouldn't be typical to keep you in my office permanently. You could still walk away." Elena saw the look on her friend's face. "Don't reject the idea out right, " she cautioned before Lisa could reply. "Take a few days, talk to Bob. If this goes south fast, the two of you may be shipping out to Haven with me for more than just a holiday."

"I'll think about it, " Lisa replied. "But for now I'm with you. So since we more or less have the place to ourselves, " she continued gesturing to the empty restaurant. "What's on the shortened agenda for tomorrow?"

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